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Rainbow Wisdom

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Purple Seraphim Energy

Video: Purple Seraphim Energy Click READ MORE to launch the video. Goddess I Am August 16, 2019 Purple Energy While waiting for the meditation to begin, I saw purple mist rise from the palms of my hand, soon morphing into rays of divine purple light. I recognized this as angelic energy from the seraphim. Immediately, messages came: August 16, 2019 We are part of the guidance that usher souls back and forth across dimensions spaces between the physical and nonphysical. Use your nonphysical senses to connect with us. Breathe in our energies.  Let the breath of angels circulate throughout your body, healing you. Bring our energy into the cellular level, to the level of your DNA. Allow these energies to blend so that you and I are one. Bring forth the divine. Know that you and I are one. We live within the divine and the divine lives within us.  I see rays of purple light coming from each meditation participant’s heart. They converge in the center of the room toward the large copper pyr

Hindsight: A New Beginning

HINDSIGHT: A NEW BEGINNING Over the course of a few short weeks in early 2020, life as we had known it disappeared. The novel coronavirus swept our planet, wreaking havoc in its wake. As the disease became a pandemic, fear spread across the Earth as countries issued lockdown orders. Unless deemed an essential worker, law mandated us to go inside. Going inside is what would save us. I'm not referring to the wisdom and data from the scientists and medical communities. Certainly, sheltering in place reduces the spread of COVID-19, but this is the same advice from our angels and guides. Seven years had passed since my spontaneous opening to the unseen world of the nonphysical, and I had become accustomed to conversing with angels, guides, and many others who inhabit their realms. Now it's easy to make those statements; after all, I had compiled reams of countless messages I'd verified through after-the-fact research. At the time, however, it wasn't easy; it ch

Luna Moth: Transformation

Luna Moth, Transformation and Transmutation Video Click READ MORE to launch the video. Church of Spiritual Light Luna Moth August 5, 2019 My early arrival at the Reiki-Crystal Bowls meditation allowed me a chance to decompress. As I rested on the comfortable cot, images flowed in my mind’s eye. I saw a small pond with bubbles that popped the green algae surface. I knew below the water were things teeming with life. Frog eggs, tadpoles, larvae from various insects lived in the pool of rich velvety water, just waiting to manifest into the world.  August 5, 2019 Think of this pool as a dimensional barrier, connecting the nonphysical with the physical. All is ripe. All is now. Do not look upon this as stagnant waters, for beneath the surface is the energy of survival, the energy of birth, the energy of potential. Riding on a new set of bubbles rising to the surface, a tiny mermaid breached the water’s surface, riding on the back of a dragonfly. I smiled with delight. I’ve had many visi