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Goddess I Am
August 16, 2019
Purple Energy

While waiting for the meditation to begin, I saw purple mist rise from the palms of my hand, soon morphing into rays of divine purple light. I recognized this as angelic energy from the seraphim. Immediately, messages came:

August 16, 2019
We are part of the guidance that usher souls back and forth across dimensions spaces between the physical and nonphysical. Use your nonphysical senses to connect with us. Breathe in our energies. 
Let the breath of angels circulate throughout your body, healing you. Bring our energy into the cellular level, to the level of your DNA. Allow these energies to blend so that you and I are one.
Bring forth the divine. Know that you and I are one. We live within the divine and the divine lives within us. 

I see rays of purple light coming from each meditation participant’s heart. They converge in the center of the room toward the large copper pyramidal frame in the center of the room. A vortex opens and the purple rays enter it. The vortex connects from deep within Mother Earth to the higher angelic realms.
As our purple rays join with the vortex energies, the healing that had begun within our bodies increases. I can feel the divine connection from the angelic realm. 
As Beth leads us to look at aspects of our lives, more messages arrive:

Think not with your head but through your heart, for that is where I shall be found. I surround you with love, with care. Allow yourself to recognize the honored and beautiful soul that you are.
Step into the beauty that surrounds you, the beauty that you are. 
You are not alone. You are never alone. We are always with you. We accompanied you as you entered this world, and we will accompany you when it’s your time to drop your physical form.
Learn to recognize our presence. Allow us to guide you with the love we send to surround you. 
You are a dear and precious soul, and we honor you and your presence upon the Earth plane. 


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