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January 26, 2018: Church of Spiritual Light, Realms of Light    As I sit down and listen to the music playing in the background, I am drawn to the expansiveness of the room. It appears much larger than it is. It is as if the ceiling does not stop until it reaches the cosmos. There is an interdimensional feel—open, large, expansive.    The room feels like a breath of fresh air. Love circulates the room as ascended masters come to let their presence known to those whose hearts they touch. They are always here but they come more easily with such open invitations as is found in this place (Church of Spiritual Light).    The room is clear, crystal clear like a diamond. I see a blue diamond encrusted doorway, it is a portal that leads from the higher dimensions to where we sit. This portal collects the images from beyond and guides them into this most sacred space. As the energy flows, it becomes more rapid, yet natural like water swirling down a drain. It whirls like a vortex a
01-18-2018: Introspection I've been up since before 5:00, getting ready for work. Retirement is less than six months away and I will enjoy not hearing that 4:45 alarm. It is interesting how life unfolds. Over the last couple of years, it seems more challenging problems have been presented to me at work. I can look at these situations as guideposts, leading me on my life path. Some are reinforcing my intention to retire in June 2018, but perhaps some are allowing me a few more opportunities for growth. Working with others who are filled with anger or anxiety can be taxing, but it can also provide me with lessons that I would not have volunteered for. I hope to spend my last few months at work by savoring these opportunities, and learning from each one. After all, isn't that one reason why we chose to attend Earth School? Hoping everyone has a blessed day. ~Candie

Mystical Moon: New Moon Ceremony with Kirstin Gooldy

Mystical Moon: New Moon Ceremony with Kirstin Gooldy (01-16-2018)     Before the meditation started, I saw the gathering of energies across the planet. It is the gathering of energies close and far away. Wisps of energy crossing over the seas of Gaia, the mountain tops of Gaia, the fields of grasses, and the beautiful inland waters.      These winds of energy came together across our blue-green planet in long wisps of energy. They gathered together and spiraled upward, leaving Mother Earth up through Father Sky. As the energy left the Earth plane, they came together to create a new energy, an energy that will help with the transformation of Gaia.      The meditation began, and we were guided to release anything that did not serve us. We were instructed to release these energies deep within the Earth. On the guided meditation, we met Sparrow who gave each of us a gift.      Sparrow gifted me a small flame, a beautiful light, inside my heart. I was told the flame represents warmth.
Meditation at Church of Spiritual Light 01-15-2018 Love is in the air Love is in the air! As the meditation began, I "saw" a red satin cover blanket all of the meditation participants. It came from above and settled over everyone like a blanket of new-fallen snow. I could see all the people breathing as this blanket stretched tightly over their bodies. From the center of the red satin blanket, I saw the blanket begin to rise. It reminded me of how a large circus tent would be raised. As it lifted, I received the message that the blanket was being enlivened with prana, life-force energy. The air flowed over the participants. All of a sudden, the satin blanket began to break away in heart-shaped pieces of different sizes. Those pieces began to flutter to the ceiling and past, reminding me of butterflies or maybe even fairies. It was a beautiful sight to behold. A few moments later, those living heart-shaped pieces of satin came together and became rose petals. As they
Energy:  I returned from a crystal bowl Reiki meditation at the Church of Spiritual Light in Ft. Myers last night. The energy in the room was filled with a divine presence that everyone could feel. Sometimes it's difficult to remember that we are our own power sources and we emit what we feel. As I go through my day today, I am going to try to be mindful of the importance of letting my light shine. If each of us could do this, we would help bring a better world to those around us.  Shine on!~Candie
Forgiveness:  "Many humans are given opportunities for growth on the Earth plane. Many lessons are learned the hard way. If life were easy, fewer lessons would be learned. One of the most valuable lessons to learn is forgiveness." This is from Chapter 4, Changing Perspectives , from The Reluctant Messenger.  So often, we equate "forgiveness" with forgetting. Forgiveness does not mean we should forget what happened, but perhaps we should view it as a stepping stone. Forgiveness is necessary for us to move on with our lives. Without forgiveness, we surround ourselves with the negative energy that festers like a poisoned wound.  Forgive, so that YOU can move on. Forgive, so that you will not be presented with the same lessons again and again. Forgive in order to raise your vibrations to become the shining star that you are! ~Candie

I Dreamed a Dream: Energy Imprints

An excerpt from Chapter 10: I Dreamed a Dream , The Reluctant Messenger :   "Energy is never destroyed, but it can be changed. It leaves its imprint from previous exposures of thought, emotion, memory, and conversation. If a location has been filled with joyful experiences, it will continue to have a positive, favorable impact upon those who enter. The inverse is true for places containing negative energy." This suggests to me the importance of "clearing" your space. Keeping a positive attitude and allowing grace to flow through you not only has an impact on you but your surrounding environment for those who pass that way later. Is this why sacred spaces are so powerful? I'm thinking yes.