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Valentines Day 2020

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Goddess I Am

Goddess I Am February 14, 2020 I arrived twenty minutes early for Friday morning’s meditation. I sat in the empty room, turned my phone to airplane mode, and pulled out my journal. Within seconds, gentle waves of pink and green entered from the ceiling and twirled about the room like a slow-motion whirlwind. I smiled: the angels had arrived. Since my spontaneous opening to spirit in August 2013, I’ve come to identify pastel pink and green energies as the telltale sign of angels. I thought it so appropriate for them to arrive this morning since today is Valentine’s Day, the universal day of love.  A message arrived, and  no one else was in the room at this time, it addressed those who would attend: February 14, 2020 Feel your hearts open as we flood the room with divinity. Soak in these higher vibrational frequencies.  Open your hearts for the veil lifts during this divine day. Be aware of your surroundings as loved ones who have slipped beyond the physical plane come fort