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Connecting to Angels: April 2, 2014, I received this message:   We have always been here but have been awaiting your request for assistance.  The key is to ask.        It felt empowering to know this energy had always been available, awaiting my request. I could sense the connection, as if a stream of energy had begun to flow to me from the angelic realm. I first saw my body fill with beautiful, soft pink energy. It felt like I had walked into a bank of pink fog, a fine mist tickled my skin. A sense of euphoria washed over me. I knew my request had started a chain of energy events to make the connection possible. Help is always there; all I need to do is ask.  The above paragraphs are from Chapter 6: Heavenly Help from The Reluctant Messenger that will be published Summer 2018. When I began to spontaneously receive communications from "beyond," one of the most powerful messengers were the angels. They shared with me times that had helped me in the past, including an e
Help from the Angel Realm: May 28, 2015 As part of my extraordinary journey into the unknown, I began having contact with angels. They communicated with me through dreams as well as direct messages. Of all of the messengers, the energy from the angels was breathtaking. They always left me feeling lighter and, more importantly, feeling loved beyond measure. Have you had contact with angels? Feel free to reply below, and let's start a conversation! Below is an excerpt from Chapter 6: Heavenly Help: We came to this one in a dream about the breath of angels, for the energy we put forth is very subtle. It is a lighter, finer energy than a gentle breath, just as a gentle breath is lighter and finer than a whisper, and a whisper is lighter than speaking, and speaking is lighter than shouting. As this one continues to fine-tune her senses and tap into the realm of non-senses, she will be able to discern the differences among us. There are many types of beings within our realm—t
January 29, 2014 from Chapter 5 Cosmic Contacts, The Reluctant Messenger: "You asked about the star connection, and we are here, as always, in the background, awaiting your request for contact. We are the group that has been instrumental in opening the channel for this one. We are the overseers of the energies affecting Mother Earth, and we have a direct impact on what you call the interface, that way station or space between dimensions. We use our energies to help alter the energy of our sister star (your sun) in order to help Mother Earth in her transitory process. "Energy is everywhere. It is entertaining to see humans who think space is empty, for there is nothing empty about space. Humans who use only their physical senses are missing out on magical realms available through energy connections and energy intent. We are pleased when we see humans recognizing and engaging in nonphysical energy and energy patterns on conscious levels of awareness. Many humans who are
The Reluctant Messenger,  Chapter 5: Cosmic Contacts "We can feel and sense energy by using nonphysical senses. With that comes the realization that we are much more than our physical bodies. Expanding our abilities to experience the world beyond what our senses measure will cause a shift in consciousness. We will know we are a part of everything; we are not just isolated human beings. If we could see the energy connections with others, would that not change everything? We would see other points of view. We could replace animosity with understanding. Peace would abound." In October 2013, I had a series of messages that addressed using "nonsenses" to experience the world around us. I learned so many lessons from this sage messenger. I learned how our physical senses actually limit our connections to our world. Before that, I always thought we experienced life because of our senses. Now I have a newer understanding.  By expanding our awareness beyond what o
Excerpt from The Reluctant Messenger, Chapter 5: Cosmic Contacts. This was a vision I received that accompanied a message on May 8, 2015. Question: Was this the past, or was I seeing the future? A silent vision accompanied the message. I saw two magnificent blue-green Earths drift toward each other within the velvety, starless void of deep space. The two Earths met and began to overlap. The movement stopped when they were in perfect alignment that created one magnificent Earth. This new Earth represented more than both blue-green planets combined. I zoomed closer to see the landscape, and as I passed over oceans, lakes, and rivers, crystal-clear waters came into view. I saw breathtaking waterfalls, and I flew close enough to feel their spray as the waters plunged into deep blue pools below. I soared over jungles, deserts, mountains, and plains. Plant and animal life were healthy and abundant. All the colors of this new Earth were brilliant and vibrant. I saw perfection. This new
April 2, 2018: Crystal Bowl Reiki Meditation at Church of Spiritual Light, White Wolf It is the stealth and spirit of the white wolf as she silently walks upon the snow-covered earth. I see her large paws that silently create a path in this snowy silence. Her back paws step in the prints created by her front paws, minimizing her trail she leaves in the snow. She is solitary. She is at peace with her surroundings. This is her domain. She raises her head and in the air she catches the scent of prey. She runs in that direction, into a thick copse of pines. She rushes near the base of a tree and furiously digs—her powerful paws and claws tear up the turf in search of the vole that had sought refuge underground at the base of the pine. Her search is successful and she gobbles the vole, temporarily satisfying her hunger. She lives a solitary life, but one filled with introspection. She has learned to take care of herself, and she allows the life force of Earth to come through he