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Holidays and Spirit from July 4, 2014

Click READ MORE to launch the video. It was seven years ago: July 4, 2014. Going back to review the past gives us the opportunity for introspection. We see what’s changed and what’s stayed the same. Enjoy a blast from the past.

The Reluctant Messenger Unleashed Episode 18: Ch 7, Stampede

Click READ MORE to launch the video Donna and Candice discuss Chapter 7, Stampede. This is a fascinating chapter filled with surprising validations. You won't want to miss this episode. White Buffalo   I remember the vision as if it were yesterday: groups of people and angels entering the room through a portal swirling at the ceiling, a white buffalo calf, and messages about the energy requirements for miracles. More pictures flooded into my awareness, but what was the meaning of these strange and detailed images? After the meditation ended, I took a deep breath and pushed through my tendency to remain silent. By sharing my experience, a greater truth unfolded, opening the doors to the nonphysical a little wider. I stepped into a world of timeless wisdom, truth, and knowledge.   ***   It was October 2015, only two years had passed since my spontaneous opening to the world of the nonphysical—those realms where angelic whispers guided my life. The nudges from my nonphysical team of a

Rocky Mountain Meditation Chapter

Click READ MORE to launch the video Candice Sanderson was the guest speaker of the Rocky Mountains Meditation Chapter on July 22, 2021. The Rocky Mountains Meditation Chapter, located in Estes Park, Colorado, is part of Monroe Institute's Local Chapter Network. It is led by Gosia Pisowicz Stewart.    You can find out more about Monroe Institute's programs and other local chapter meetings on Monroe's website at    Disclaimer: The views expressed in the meeting are the opinions of the speaker and not representative of Monroe Institute.

In Pursuit of Peace

Click READ MORE to launch the video World peace: we hold the key. It begins at a singular level. Taking time to act instead of reacting creates a space. It is within this sacred pause that we create mindful choices. Choose wisely.

The Reluctant Messenger Unleashed Episode 17: Ch 6 Heavenly Help

Click READ MORE to launch the video. We have a team of angels who accompany us throughout our lives. Watch as Donna Rebadow & I share examples of angels intervening in our lives. Learn tips on how to connect with your angels.