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Consciousness: Episode #9, Escaping into the 5D

Click READ MORE to launch the video. Your imagination is powerful. It begins with a thought, then builds on all those “what ifs” that tumble through our minds. When we let our imagination soar, there’s nothing to stop us. Years ago, the messengers told me about the TEA formula: Thoughts-Energy-Action. The manifestation (Action) of our thoughts depends on how we fuel (Energy) those thoughts. This formula is the basis behind the nonphysical tools we’ve gathered for consciousness awareness. In this episode, I share several tools to help us achieve escape velocity from the 3D to the 5D. By using these tools, we can rapidly expand into those other-dimensional realms where other astral travelers/OBEers/lucid dreamers go. Won’t you join us?

Consciousness: Episode #8, OBE Dashboard

Click READ MORE to launch the video. Candice describes how and why energy tools help in out-of-body explorations and using the TEA (Thoughts..Energy..Action) formula. Once you establish these tools, you've created a shortcut for OBE explorations.  By building an energy dashboard, you'll have rapid access to your energy tools--plus, it's fun!

Let's Chat with Kelly Stoks: 12 1 2022

Click READ MORE to launch the video. Let's Chat with Kelly Stoks' Thursday Chat. I'm a returning guest, talking about my newest book, Close Encounters. Join the Meditation to meet your guides; it starts at 7:18.