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The Reluctant Messenger, Chapter 4: Changing Perspectives April 25, 2014: We say that if humans would continue to connect with this higher Source and constantly expand their Points of Existence, their hearts would remain open. It is the opening of the heart that is responsible for “ease” in their lives, just as the closing of the heart is responsible for dis-ease. I had already learned the connection between ease and dis-ease. Repeated blockages (dis-ease) in our energy bodies lay the foundation for disease to manifest. By becoming flow-ers of energy, we could maintain states of ease and equilibrium that would allow a natural flow of life’s energy through us. The key to maintaining life’s flow is through keeping the heart opened. As we learn to live beyond our limited PoE, heart energy expands. We become part of the field of overlapping PoEs, and we begin to sense universal connections. We realize we are never alone; we are part of everything. In this state of oneness, a
March 16, 2018: Morning Meditation at Goddess I Am, Naples, FL, Star Seeds My vision in my mind's eye began a couple of hours before the meditation. I realized this was a "heads up" of what was to come. When I arrived at Goddess I Am, I took a seat and the vision continued before the meditation began. I saw divine sparks falling from the cosmos. These were tiny stars or seeds of light that fell into the waters of Earth. Some were crystal clear, others were pink. As they splashed into the oceans of Mother Earth, they created ripples across Gaia's surface. As each divine spark landed in the waters of emotion, more splashes were created. I then saw a slow-motion video of a rock or stone being dropped in a still body of water. As the stone plummeted beneath the water's surface, drops from the surface were hurled into the air. As the tossed droplets reversed direction and rained on the waters of Earth, the cycle repeated. It was a beautiful sight to
March 5, 2018: Crystal Bowl Reiki Meditation, Circle of Life I had a difficult time trying to get settled into a comfortable position before the meditation began. I had a blanket to cover me, but it kept getting tangled. My pillow didn’t feel right. I realized that a frenetic, chaotic energy engulfed the room like debris flying in a hurricane. On one level, I thought that shouldn’t be—the lights were dimmed and soft background music was playing—but I could not deny it; the energy was palpable. Like myself, these energies were seeking a niche. In my mind’s eye, I saw a large black cat, a jaguar, begin to circle the room in a clockwise motion. It picked up speed until it became a blur of black smoke. As it continued to loop the room’s perimeter, it swept the chaotic energies into its path, giving them form. From chaos, pattern and symmetry was born. I heard that this represented the Circle of Life. Life begins from chaos until a pattern is established. Now there is unity. No
In-Spiration The Reluctant Messenger, Ch. 1: The Muses Within:  August 4, 2015 The energy of allowing is in direct opposition to trying. The energy of allowing begins within. Your individual spark of divinity allows the inspiration (in-spiration) to come to you. It is an open invitation, creating a beacon effect for us to send our energies to this one . Many human philosophers have said, “as above, so below.” It is not “as below, so above.” This is something known by artists on the Earth plane. Symphonies, tomes of prose, and masterpieces of visual art have been received by the artists opening and allowing these energies of inspiration to work their magic through their Earthly hands. Yes, we say it is the energy of allowing, not the energy of trying, that gives results. As I posted this excerpt in FaceBook and Twitter, I felt the energy of inspiration begin to swirl around me. Everything is composed of energy, and we can choose which wave to ride. When