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Morning Meditation at Goddess I Am: 06-29-18 I walked into the meditation room at Goddess I Am in Naples, Florida about 25 minutes early. I was the first to arrive, so I settled into my chair, planning to relax. But, within seconds, the messages began to flow. Temple. This most divine space is a temple, much as the pyramids of ancient times were built to honor the divine, so is this temple [Goddess I Am]. Just as pyramids were used to teleport consciousness into other dimensional reality, so is this temple. Your physical body, too, is a temple. Its purpose is to house the divine: your spirit, your soul, your essence. You can use the physical temple to move into other realms of existence. Listen! Listen to the quiet that whispers guidance from within. Look not for flashing signs, for they are meant to distract you from your life’s true path. But, instead, look from within. When you pick up a whisper or a thread from Guidance, honor it, follow it, and it will le
Full Moon Meditation with Catherine Blair: 06-28-18 Cathy started the meditation with everyone drawing a dolphin card with one word printed on it. My word was “undercurrents” and immediately the following message came: Undercurrent: This is how Guidance works. Guidance is like an undercurrent in a body of water. You may not see it, but it guides you nonetheless. Like a leaf that floats ever so gently to find its new home upon the surface of a sparkling brook or stream, it quietly rests upon the surface. It does nothing, and by doing nothing, it allows. And this is where the guidance and Trust occurs. It does not fight the undercurrent, but literally goes with the flow. This, too, Dear One, is the Way of Guidance. Be mindful of the quiet undercurrent that stems from your heart. Listen to its life-giving beat as it shows you the way of the Divine. Cathy began to read her message about the full moon in Capricorn and its meaning for humanity. As she began the passage, I f
Morning Meditation at Goddess I Am: 06-22-18 I arrived almost thirty minutes early for the morning meditation. As I entered Goddess I Am (Naples, FL) I was guided to go back to the meditation room and sit in silence. I slipped into the softly lit room and took a seat. Within moments, I was able to sense the energy of the room. Like small waves lapping at the beach, a mist or fog rolled in from all sides and converged in the center of the room. As these curls of energy reached the center, the lower half of the fog bank slipped down the center of the room like water down a drain while the upper half of the mist moved upward.  From a broader perspective, I saw how these separated waves of energy folded back upon itself, creating a toroidal (donut shaped) field of energy. The center of the room became a portal; it was the center of the vortex created by the torus. The following message came: This is the energy of protection, protecting the sacred souls who will be
Church of Spiritual Light Reiki/Crystal Bowl Meditation: 06-18-18 As I walked through the room to retrieve a blanket for the meditation, I overheard parts of a conversation where someone mentioned the word “wand.” A few hours before, my six-year-old granddaughter had been visiting me. She was wearing a Hermione costume from Harry Potter. She carried a wooden wand that her father had bought. (It was an ink pen, fashioned like Harry Potter’s wand.) As Lorelai rode up the elevator with me to my apartment in the condominium where I live, she was casting spells to levitate whatever she could see. I smiled as I watched her. Hearing the word “wand” must have served as an invitation, because I immediately began receiving information from a messenger: The wand is an extension of you. It allows for direct manifestation through the channeling of vital energies. Be still. Go deep within. Find that small spark that begins to grow like a hot ember that comes to life when fanned. Find t
Morning Walk Message: 06-16-18 I was on my morning walk when I heard people riding bicycles behind me. As they passed, I overheard their conversation. The man said, “I just got the new ones in.” The woman replied, “Just because they’re new, doesn’t mean they work.” This crumb of conversation became a prompt for the messengers, and I received the following download: It is all about energy vibration and vibrational match. In order for the optimum alignment to occur, the frequency, the vibrational patterns must match. When there is a mismatch, there becomes dis-ease, i.e., a lack of flow which may cause less than the desired development. As the energy body in one system aligns with the energy body of another system, the most favorable results occur because the vibrational rhythms match. It becomes a dance of the divine, for our divinity comes from the energy of the Creator. Like attracts like. Yet a strong vibration can also operate as a magnet, attracting
Waiting Room Message: 06-13-18 While in the waiting room of my dermatologist’s office for a procedure, I received the following message: It is all in divine order. Ask and it is given. Go with the flow. Accept perfection in your body, your spirit, your soul, your family, your work, your play, all your circumstances. The true you is immortal. You only inhabit this body temporarily. Look for the bigger picture. Accept the broader view. Although your physical eyes do not have the ability to perceive beyond their limited capabilities, know there is a larger plan—a blueprint that encompasses so much more than what surrounds you in this physical life time. Trust in the greater plan, the divine order. Look for the good. Search for freedom—freedom from negativity, freedom from worry, freedom from pain. Search for experiences that make your heart sing. These can be found in the cool deep breath you take each morning upon rising, the warmth of the sun upon y
Firefly Within Meditation: 06-11-18 I could hear the rain against the windows and the booms of thunder from the storm outside as I settled into my chair in preparation for the guided meditation. The summer storm seemed to set the stage for the following message: Every place is finding its niche. The rain outside of this meditation space falls from the sky, and where it lands is of great importance. (I had a vision of thousands of individual raindrops and the specific place where each drop landed on the ground.) Much like molecules that have specific receptors that attract other molecules to make a specific compounded element, this dance of the divine is seen all throughout nature, including the rain. There is both a push and a pull, the yin and the yang, as the divine rain falls from Father Sky, obeying the call from Mother Earth. There is a balance and allowing of the divine energy to flow when and where it needs to go. This is the way of healing. Humans receive wh
Unexpected Guest at Morning Meditation: 06-08-18 I was so looking forward to Friday’s Morning Meditation at Goddess I Am in Naples, FL. This was my first week of retirement, so I’ll be able to attend regularly. Just before the meditation started, I envisioned small diamonds or stars gently falling from above. Within a few seconds, I saw streams of energy behind them, reminding me of miniature comets or falling stars. I realized this was because I had “softened” my energy, and that had allowed me a deeper look into the energy of the room. The tails from these small diamonds/stars were soft fibers of energy. If I could touch them, I think they would have felt like strands of cashmere. These tiny celestial objects were blending and moving with the energy vibrations and intentions set forth in the room. As I stepped aside to watch this dance of the divine, I felt myself moving deeper into the energy of the room. I saw the hearts of the participants connect as a band of light b
Church of Spiritual Light: 06-04-18 Crystal Bowl/Reiki Meditation, Swan Egg I attended a crystal bowl, Reiki healing meditation on June 4, 2018 at the Church of Spiritual Light in Fort Myers. As soon as I settled into the recliner, before the meditation began, I began to experience churning in my stomach and I knew this was energy being released. I had a download of information, stating this energy release was necessary to create a new birth, a new life. I saw an oversized egg. My first thought was that it was an ostrich egg, but then I heard that it was a swan’s egg. It was ripe, ready to hatch into a new life. (Because I had just retired three days before, I knew this also represented me and the new life, the new path that I was embarking on.) From the seed (egg) to the cygnet (baby swan), from the formless to the formed, I am part of the whole of this most sacred space (Church of Spiritual Light). I blend into it and melt into the oneness of all. I saw small st