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Psychic Nonsense

Click READ MORE to launch the video. How do mediums connect with our loved ones who have passed, sharing irrefutable information that verifies the contact?   How do psychics predict the future with uncanny accuracy?   How do energy healers take our pains away without medication, therapy, or even touching us?   Their secret: nonsense. Yes, nonsenses guide them in ways that seem magical and mystical. Stay tuned to learn more.

WHO are we? WHAT are we?

Click READ MORE to launch the video. In this 13-minute video, I discuss not WHO we are, but What we are. The answers arrive quickly from my messengers, giving me hints at our true nature--ideas that would have had me shaking my head years ago. It's interesting how a changed perspective uncovers answers just below the surface of awareness. We see, we hear, we know so much more than before. Thank you for sharing, commenting, and subscribing

Candice Sanderson: Organic Close Encounters

Click READ MORE to launch the video. I enjoyed another conversation on The Mystical Underground Podcast.