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Dream: Episode 8, Dream Seed Classes

Click READ MORE to launch the video. Did you know we attend classes during dreams? The Sleeper’s Class is at a beginner level, but as we become more lucid during our dreams, we graduate. With higher-level classes, we become attuned and aligned with subtler vibrations. This alignment allows us to communicate better with the nonphysical realms. It also shows us the power of energy, vibrations, and frequencies. These alignments occur whether we remember them or not.

Listen Up with Royce Morales Interviews Candice M. Sanderson

Click READ MORE to launch the video Royce Morales, transformational facilitator, author, and speaker, interviews Candice on her radio show, "Listen Up with Royce Morales." Positive Talk Radio, December 27, 2021

Dreams: Episode 7, Out of the Darkness and into the Light

Click READ MORE to launch the video. What happens when we dream? We close our eyes and dissolve into darkness; we disappear. Everything we thought we knew about ourselves melts away, only to rise again within a few minutes. This time, we awaken within our dream to a new setting: our dream landscape. What are these images? Can they help us? Is there a benefit to dreaming?