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Consciousness #10 Final

Click READ MORE to launch the video. This is the 10th and final episode of my Consciousness Awareness Series. Remember to live each day in a way that only you can do. When we experience the 5D, we begin to understand the many facets of consciousness. When we realize we come from a powerful and all-encompassing love, everything changes. Knowing we’ll return there when it’s time to depart our 3D lives, helps us navigate those day-to-day challenges that used to be roadblocks. Our lives on Earth are but a drop of water in the ocean, a millisecond within a span of millions of years. Traveling into the 5D brings a different perspective, and we realize we are part of all that is—including the Creator. Just as our observer is part of who we are in 3D, we are the observers and experiencers of the Creator, experiencing 3D life in ways that are not possible in the 5D. So let us live our lives. Let us experience life and learn lessons. Let us gain a better understanding of who we are…of who we REA

Life Continuing Podcast: Cosmic Spiritual Guidance

Click READ MORE to launch the video. Many of us recognize how spiritual guidance can touch our lives, often leading us on profound journeys. But what about cosmic spiritual guidance? In this episode, we discuss guidance from cosmic sources.