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Bookmarking Magic

February 22, 2019 Bookmarking Magic: Goddess I Am The meditation started a little late. It seemed that everyone who attended had something to complain about, including me. We fussed about how hot and humid it was, even though it was only February. We grumbled about the traffic. Our roads are so busy during the winter when our population explodes with the many northern snow birds who come to roost in our lovely subtropical town. Their erratic driving patterns wreak havoc on our once-sleepy little town.  These grievances seemed to be the backdrop for the message I received, and I quickly transitioned from active complaining to dropping into a state of stillness that allowed me to hear words of wisdom.  Step into the silence of your Higher Self. Let all the energies from the outside drop away from your heart. As you step into the space of stillness and calm, take a deep breath, for this breath cleanses the channels in the body. It is a clearing, providing clarity and all

The Reluctant Messenger Book Trailer~Tales from Beyond Belief

Turn on the volume to hear the narration.