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Energy Practices #5

Video: Hands-On Energy Practice #4 Click READ MORE to launch video.

Everything Imaginable Podcast with Host Gary Cocciolillo

Independence Day 2020; Video

Video: Independence Day 2020 Click READ MORE to launch the video. Independence Day, 2020 July 4, 2020 Won’t you join us on this day of Independence? Won’t you step into the circle of light as we bring forth tidings of goodwill? We bring forth the energies of goodness, of caring, of independence, of love. As your beloved Earth transitions to higher planes of existence, we send forth our loving energies to help protect her. Won’t you join us? Let go of those energies that do not serve you. Learn to live within the heart space, for that is where we reside. Let not the thoughts and fears of others influence your destiny. Live within your heart space and connect to us through the compassion of your heart.   Over the past few weeks, I’ve shared energy techniques: clearing, bringing 8 th   chakra, building a Resonant Energy Balloon (REBAL), using selenite to clear your energy field. The more familiar you become with your energy field, the better you can navigate uncertain times like today.

Energy Practices: Using Selenite

Video: Using Selenite to Clear Personal Energy Field Click READ MORE to launch video