Independence Day 2020; Video

Video: Independence Day 2020
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Independence Day, 2020
July 4, 2020
Won’t you join us on this day of Independence? Won’t you step into the circle of light as we bring forth tidings of goodwill? We bring forth the energies of goodness, of caring, of independence, of love.
As your beloved Earth transitions to higher planes of existence, we send forth our loving energies to help protect her. Won’t you join us?
Let go of those energies that do not serve you. Learn to live within the heart space, for that is where we reside. Let not the thoughts and fears of others influence your destiny. Live within your heart space and connect to us through the compassion of your heart.
 Over the past few weeks, I’ve shared energy techniques: clearing, bringing 8th chakra, building a Resonant Energy Balloon (REBAL), using selenite to clear your energy field. The more familiar you become with your energy field, the better you can navigate uncertain times like today. 
As we cross the threshold of our new Earth, we bring our beliefs with us. This is a wonderful opportunity to inventory our energy fields and decide what to keep and what to toss by the wayside.
Just as the physical heart pumps life-sustaining blood throughout the body, our heart space connects us to a spiritual life-force. This is how we communicate with our guides and angels. 
By stepping into the silence of a moment, we allow worries and frets to drop away. The waters of a cool, clear spring will wash away the dirt and dust of the day and allow you to exit renewed. This, too, is the way of the heart.
Dedicate a few moments each day to tap into the stillness of your heart. Breathe within this space. Allow your heart to expand your current understanding of who you are, who you wish to be. Stepping into the divinity within removes the blinders imposed by the world of physicality. 
Setting aside as little as ten minutes each day, preferably twice a day, can reset your clock. It allows for a divine connection that, when open, will gently wash away concerns and worries of the day. It allows you to open to more of what and who you truly are. 
Learn to trust the guidance from within. As you do so, the messages will become clearer. You will begin to understand the divine connections you have to the universe. You step outside of time and into the timeless energy of the nonphysical realm of the angels and spirit guides.
Begin each day with simple, mindful energy movements. Open the eighth chakra. Set up a REBAL. Become so familiar with your energy field, that you begin to notice if something is off. What does that mean? Is there an issue? Is there a weakness in your field that you need to repair?
Perhaps you begin to sense another vibrational pattern. It is a message from your guides or angels? Once you connect with the world of the nonphysical, you lay an electromagnetic foundation—the groundwork for further communications. 
But it begins with being so comfortable with your own energy space, that you begin to recognize when something enters that is not you. This is where discernment occurs. Is there something that needs your attention? Is this guidance trying to communicate? Listen with the energy from your heart, and fill your life with the frequencies of love, gratitude, and happiness. 


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