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Changing Perspectives: Below is a message I received in 2014. When we learn to change our perspectives, we open to a new world of possibilities. As the messages poured into my awareness, I began to realize that things like worry could be helpful-- if I could change my perspective.  September 19, 2014 Worry occurs when a certain event, thought, or emotion rises into awareness. That event, thought, or emotion continues to rise, giving the human an opportunity to reframe this event, thought, or emotion from a different perspective. It is an opportunity for growth; it is an opportunity for learning; it is an opportunity to view the event from a higher perspective, and thus transform the energy associated with the event into energy of a higher quality. Many thoughts, emotions, and events are the basis of worry and are fear-based and thus are of a lower quality vibration—much denser and heavier energy than is associated with higher vibrational states such as love, appreciation, a
Messages from Beyond: How it all Began This is the introduction to my first messages from other-worldly sources. It is an excerpt from The Reluctant Messenger which is scheduled for publishing on July 4th.  "Planning for an average but busy day occupied my mind as I gathered my belongings and headed toward the car one morning. The summer break had ended just a few weeks before, and school was back in full swing. As I exited the garage, I began to mentally prioritize tasks leading up to the back-to-back meetings for the day. Almost on autopilot, I began my fifteen-minute commute. It was dark; the sun would not rise for another forty-five minutes or so. The traffic was usually light this early in the morning, and today was no exception. I had driven about halfway when words that did not seem to come from any conscious thought began to flow through my mind. My purse was in the passenger’s seat. I reached over and brought it closer so I could feel inside for my phone. I wante
Opening Blessing for Holistic Fair at Church of Spiritual Light: 05-05-2018 Prior to the opening of the monthly Holistic Fair at Chur ch of   Spiritual   Light, the   practitioners   gathered together   as Reverend Bledsoe led a brief prayer and blessing for the event. As this small group of people held hands, with eyes closed, I felt energy moving from deep inside Mother Earth. It moved from   the bottoms of each person's feet and up through our bodies. As this occurred, I received the following message: This is the energy from our Great Mother, Gaia. She sends this energy from her heart at the center of the Earth. This is the energy of creation, the energy of the formless as it takes shape. It is the energy of intention as it brings forth to manifest in the world of the physical. The energy felt very strong and secure as if we were swaddled in a blanket of protection. In my mind’s eye, our bodies began to change. Each person’s body morphed from our familiar physical