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Click READ MORE to launch the video Another episode from the Conversations Within series: Balance. Did you know you can use your breath for balance? How do we change from panic to calm, from worry to appreciation? Listen to your heart; that is where Source Wisdom lies.

Growing Pains

Click READ MORE to launch the video Growing Pains:  Now more than ever, we realize change is difficult, but these are growing pains associated with transformation. And, it's not just's also Mother Earth. The messengers tell us to use our hearts to navigate uncertain times. Two things can help: 1. Focus on your heart. 2. Let go of the thoughts in your head. Learn to recognize vibrational patterns to access this eternal wisdom within.

The Heart Knows

Click READ MORE to launch the Video. Candice continues her Conversations Within series, this time with an emphasis on the Heart. The heart knows, but how do we access this inner wisdom? Watch to find out. 💜

Wisdom Lies Within

Click READ MORE to launch the video True wisdom and guidance come from within. As we learn to quiet our minds, we begin to hear that quiet voice, leading us to our truths. Seek guidance from within your heart. It is a sacred space where our angels and guides can communicate with us.