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Time for Change: 02-26-2018   It is time to change. Breath in the newness of each moment. Bring in only the energy that serves you. Use your intention to bring forth the energy of positive, caring, and loving emotions. By using each breath, each intake of air, make this a mindful decision from this point forward to only accept positive energy into your field of existence.   
The Dao: 02-18-2018 As I walked the beach on February 17, I asked about the Dao, especially since I had received a Dao blessing a week ago. As I walked, I felt a profound connection to all that is. We are all one. Although somewhat a cliché, these words are the “unwords” that guide humanity. The Dao is a path. The Dao is the way. By allowing and letting go of the surrounding material world, you allow your Inner Wisdom from your heart to lead you. The Path of Wisdom is not a location. The Path to Truth is found within the heart. Take a deep breath and with that breath, watch the breath leaving the physical body and entering the space that surrounds you. Now is the time to find the Path. Now is the time to find your Truth. Now is the time to come to the realization that we are all one. But how shall we follow this path? How does the melted snow find its way to a trickle and then to a stream, a river, an ocean? It does so by allowing. The Dao is unspoken
02-08-2018: Vibration, White Water Rapids I had attended a Crystal Bowl meditation at Church of Spiritual Light on February 5th. There was a guest who was playing the bowls and they were quite different than the usual "singing" from the bowls. The energy was deep, loud, and almost painful to my ears. I jumped every time a bowl was "pinged" and I had to plug my ears because the vibrations were so strong they were painful. After the bowls ended, many participants spoke to how powerful they were and how they enjoyed them. I had begun to receive messages when the meditation began, but after less than a minute, all channels closed and I did not receive any other messages. Perhaps in response to this meditation, the following message came three days later. It is all a matter of vibration and the stream of vibration to which you are attuned. Does a stronger vibration result in improved connection? Place in your mind the vision of a small leaf that is floating upon a st
Church of Spiritual Light, Crystal Bowl Meditation (February 5, 2018) Divine Threshold As I rested in my chair before the crystal bowls began, I saw a door open. As I stepped across this divine threshold, it felt as if I was stepping into a most divine, soft, angelic cloud of energy. A fine mist rose from the cloud, and even the air smelled sweet with the scent of flowers. I saw pink dogwood flowers float and swirl around like leaves in an Autumn breeze. Soft white clouds lifted me higher and higher until I felt my physical body disintegrate. I became nothing. I am the breath of life. I am prana. I am life-force energy. I began to match my vibrations to the frequencies of all that is. I am full potentiality. I am all possibilities and choices. I am.