The Dao: 02-18-2018

As I walked the beach on February 17, I asked about the Dao, especially since I had received a Dao blessing a week ago.

As I walked, I felt a profound connection to all that is.

We are all one.

Although somewhat a cliché, these words are the “unwords” that guide humanity. The Dao is a path. The Dao is the way. By allowing and letting go of the surrounding material world, you allow your Inner Wisdom from your heart to lead you.

The Path of Wisdom is not a location. The Path to Truth is found within the heart. Take a deep breath and with that breath, watch the breath leaving the physical body and entering the space that surrounds you.

Now is the time to find the Path. Now is the time to find your Truth. Now is the time to come to the realization that we are all one.

But how shall we follow this path? How does the melted snow find its way to a trickle and then to a stream, a river, an ocean? It does so by allowing.

The Dao is unspoken. The Dao just “is.” Recognize the truth and beauty from within and trust the beauty that comes back to you tenfold. As the Beauty Way returns to you through your heart, know that you have stepped onto the Path of the Dao.


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