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ThrowBack Series 2: Shining Star of Source (Oct ...

Click READ MORE to launch the video. Revisiting the past brings new perspectives. Watch as I share a message from October 2013 (see below), and learn how the element of time can change our views.  October 17, 2013 We come from the stars, all of us. That is your Source. That is why you see the sparkles, especially when combined with light. Light is the key ingredient of Life. Light is what allows us to shine and to open and to be an energy connection to Source. We are in our dense bodies, and we often forget the original source from which we came. Be a Light, be a beacon to those around you. By emulating the source and shining, you will attract into your life that which is clean and pure. By remaining “crystal” clear, you will begin to flow and ascend to the states for which you were meant to be. It is good that you are able to recognize a small piece of your Source in so many things that you see in the Earth plane. Continue to do so, continue to be that beacon for others as well as for

The Reluctant Messenger Unleashed Episode 21: Chapter 10 I Dreamed a Dre...

Click READ MORE to launch the video. Episode 21 covers half of Ch 10, I Dreamed a Dream. Host Donna Rebadow and I discuss Dream Seed classes & Sleeper classes. Our dreams open the doors to magical realms that can bring positive changes for all humanity.

Kelly Stoks' Thursday Chats: Candice Sanderson, Oct 2021

Click READ MORE to launch the video. I enjoyed being a guest on Kelly Stoks' Thursday Chats. I spoke about the basics of communicating with the nonphysical realms of energy....all first-hand knowledge from working with the messengers. As a psychologist, grounded in the world of science, my life changed when the doors to the nonphysical opened. It's been a fabulous adventure!