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Keys to Empowerment Video and Blog Post

Video: Keys to Empowerment Click READ MORE to launch the video Keys to Empowerment   I sat at Goddess I Am, waiting for the weekly meditation to begin. Within seconds, the following message arrived:   January 17, 2020 Empowerment. You are the key. It is your energy that brings light into the world. The heavens open, pouring forth divine healing, yet there must be a receptacle. For a receptacle captures the energy and allows it to collect, to reform, to recalibrate. You, my dear ones, are the wizards, the wizards of alchemy. Take what has been given, and clarity will arrive. This is a time for integration. You perceive this time upon your Earth as chaotic, but we say no. It is not so. Step out of the fear of lack, the fear that brings anger, the fear of abandonment, for none of this is true. Use the power of your heart to step into the waters of potential that rain down upon you, feeding and nourishing your soul.  There is a redefining of the vibrational frequencies called life. It i

Grids of Light Video and Blog Post

Video: Grids of Light Click READ MORE to launch the video Goddess I Am Grids of Light January 3, 2020 The energy in the room reminded me of the frenzy of popcorn over a hot stove. Kernels of energy were flying about, all in different directions as if seeking a niche.  I stopped journaling when Stewie trotted into the room. It was his second visit of the day, but this time he was insistent on speaking with me. As he sat on his hind haunches and looked up at me with his soulful eyes, I realized he was asking for help. He told me that he had been having trouble in his hip area, and sometimes he could not jump on the ottoman without pain. I began petting him from the top to his head, down his back, and through his tail. As I did, he slowly closed his eyes, and I understood my actions alleviated some of his pain.  After a few minutes, he looked at me, licked his lips, then returned to his human mama, who was in the front of the shop. (The next week, his person mama confirmed Stewie had