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Grandmother Wisdom Video and Blog Post

Video: Grandmother Wisdom Click READ MORE to launch the video. Church of Spiritual Light Grandmother Wisdom 09-16-19 I arrived early for the Reiki/crystal bowls meditation. The cots surround the bowls in the middle of the room, and for some reason, I was drawn to a different area from where I usually nest. I settled into my cot with extra blankets and pillows I’d brought from home. Just before the mediation began, a blanket of pure white energy floated from above and covered the room. It looked like antique lace with a very detailed and intricate lacy pattern as it slowly drifted over the cots and crystal bowls. I knew this ethereal cover was waiting to bathe everyone in loving energy from the highest source.  The bottoms of my feet began to tingle, and I automatically began taking deep breaths. I saw these angelic white cottony fibers from the blanket enter my lungs. The energy seeped deep into the tissues of my lungs, coating them with a protective membrane. The blanket began t

Lily Pad

Video: Lily Pads Click READ MORE to launch the video Lily Pad Goddess I AM September 6, 2019 Just before the meditation began, the room transformed into a pond filled with lily pads. You could traverse the pond by jumping from one to another. From the surface, they looked to be separate, but beneath told another story. Their large roots are all connected to the same source, the rich, nutrient-filled bottom. September 6, 2019 Humans are like the lily pads, floating in a divine space that is connected to Source energy. As they allow divine guidance to flow, they access this Source. But many only perceive the top layer of the water, and they think they are separate. Many do not recognize the guidance nor the unity of all. As humans float in the sea of Guidance, they access Source. They go with the flow and that flow guides them. That it the way of Guidance: It will lead you to an optimal spot. It will put you where you need in order to access what you need in relationships, healing, en