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The Reluctant Messenger: Time to Smile

Click READ MORE to launch the video. Smile. Why? Smiling opens the energy of goodness, allowing it to flow into your awareness. Did you know you can use smiling as a tool to call forth higher vibrational frequencies? Smiling floods our system with positivity. Bring goodness into your heart

Exploring Consciousness

Exploring Consciousness Candice was honored to be the October 2020 guest on Donna Rebadow’s Exploring Consciousness podcast. There is a series of four interviews that you can access through these links below: Podcast #39: Introduction October 12, 2020   Podcast #40: Dr. Laurin Bellg on Candice M. Sanderson October 14, 2020   Podcast #41: Interview with Candice M. Sanderson October 16, 2020   Podcast #42: Outtakes with Candie Sanderson October 18, 2020      

Kelly Stoks' Thursday's Chat--Ladder of Enlight...

Click READ MORE to launch the video Candice is the guest speaker for Energy Coach Kelly Stoks' Thursday's Chat session. This is a weekly session with timely topics, speakers, and book discussions to nourish the soul and up-level your life experience. Candice takes the viewers on a trip back in time to experience one of her encounters with the world of spirit: a Ladder of Enlightenment. Candice's second book, The Reluctant Messenger Returns, was released earlier this year and was an immediate Amazon bestseller. This book explores interactions with higher frequency beings known as angels. The channeled messages are filled with great wisdom and hope. Prior to having these spiritual experiences, Candice was living a "normal" human existence as an analytical school psychologist. Her daily life now is packed full of extraordinary adventures that are well outside of what most consider "normal."

One Breath at a Time

Click READ MORE to launch the video. We are empowered with tools from the nonphysical. The tool of breath can be used to effect change; we can choose to act instead of reacting. By doing this, we respond with authenticity. We can use the breath to connect to Source. It causes ripple effects. The more we use this tool, the better we learn to respond with a new perspective. Take a breath before you respond. Let kindness rule your world. Choose to act instead of reacting.

It's All About the Flow

Click READ MORE to launch the video Candice continues her Conversations Within. Connecting with angels and spirit guides happen when energy flows freely from both sides. Learn to quiet your brain chatter so that you may hear the whispers of guidance that surround you.