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String Theory and Consciousness

Click READ MORE to launch the video. How does energy healing work?    Years ago, the messengers showed me how the nonphysical realms connect with the 3D. It’s through String Theory.   After their explanation, I realized the messengers’ version of String Theory differed significantly from the String Theory in physics. This theory was much easier to understand.   Enjoy this blast from the past and the messengers teach me to view the world differently—through the lens of energy.

IAM Webinar "Unlimited Mind 2: Mystic and Spiritual Teacher Candice Sand...

Click READ MORE to launch the video. It was an honor to be the second guest in the Insitute for the Awakened Mind's Unlimited Mind Series where brain meets science. The second half of the interview shows my brainwave patterns demonstrating out-of-body experiences.

Ideas: Real or Imagined?

Click READ MORE to launch the video. It's just your imagination! Well, maybe not. How do we determine whether these "messages" are from spirit or from an active imagination? Check out this episode as I share an exercise in learning to tune into that subtle energy from spirit.