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Angel of Peace December 2018

The Angel of Peace: December 2018.    I drove to the Church of Spiritual Light to attend their twice-monthly Crystal Bowl/Reiki service . After miles of slow and sometimes bumper-to-bumper traffic, I arrived at this interfaith, all faith church that had become my home away from home. I nestled into a lounge chair that I made more comfortable with a pillow and blankets from home. As is often the case, visions and messages began prior to the meditation. I opened my journal to document the production playing within my mind’s eye. Delicate sheets of pink threads drifted from above. Except for the color of the filaments, it looked like spun silk from an enormous floating spider’s web. The church’s dimmed lighting pierced the pastel gossamer strands, casting mesmerizing dancing shapes of light on the wall as endless layers sank into the room. I took a deep breath and descended into an exquisite wave of energy that washed over me. The vibrations emanating from the web were unmistakable, and I

Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells Church of Spiritual Light: 12-03-2018 As I settled into my chair for the crystal bowl/reiki meditation to begin, I felt the presence of Christmas bells. I could hear them ringing, bringing in the new Earth. I saw snowflakes that began to drop into the room, and like the morning dew, they replenished and refreshed all the meditation participants. Within a few seconds, the room was blanketed in several feet of snow.  A place was carved out of the snow, just enough room for each person to nestle into their spot. I then saw giant red rose petals float from above. They began to gently float into these carved out niches, providing a layer of insulation from the snow’s cold. I realized this must be similar to how the inside of an igloo feels—warm and protected from the outside’s harsh elements of winter.  The sight was beautiful as the bright red rose petals contrasted with the brilliant white snow. I then received a message about the conductivity of water and i
Sunshine      In October 2013, I received messages from various star systems. They referenced the sun and how it was going through a transition. They said that they had given our sun a different set of energies to help with the healing process for Mother Earth. Below are some of the messages I received:   Photo by Linda Becker We have given these energies directly to our sister star, what you refer to as your sun. Your sun’s rays have changed. There are seven new levels of energy that have not been present in the past. These new rays are needed in Mother Earth’s transition. These rays will jump-start her into a new phase of being. This new phase is one of purity, clarity, hope, and health. As she moves through her transition, she brings the human race along with her.   The seven subsets within each ray act as a bridge to connect each frequency to the next. At the top of the frequency band, these vibratory energies arc to the next ray. If one were to see this as we can,