Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Church of Spiritual Light: 12-03-2018

As I settled into my chair for the crystal bowl/reiki meditation to begin, I felt the presence of Christmas bells. I could hear them ringing, bringing in the new Earth. I saw snowflakes that began to drop into the room, and like the morning dew, they replenished and refreshed all the meditation participants. Within a few seconds, the room was blanketed in several feet of snow. 

A place was carved out of the snow, just enough room for each person to nestle into their spot. I then saw giant red rose petals float from above. They began to gently float into these carved out niches, providing a layer of insulation from the snow’s cold. I realized this must be similar to how the inside of an igloo feels—warm and protected from the outside’s harsh elements of winter. 

The sight was beautiful as the bright red rose petals contrasted with the brilliant white snow. I then received a message about the conductivity of water and ice. A childhood memory flashed into my mind: We lived several miles from a railroad track, and normally we were too far away to hear the trains’ whistles. But, when the conditions were just right, we could hear the unmistakable shriek of the train as it approached a crossing. I recall asking why we could hear the train, and my mother replying that water was a good conductor of sound, and we could only hear when dense fog permeated the air.

Water is a conductor of energy, and those properties are amplified when it becomes crystalline in nature, as in ice and snow. Rest in this perfect place and allow the divine energies of this holy season to enter your body. Bring forth the purity of the crystals in the snow. Call upon those most holy to bring forth health and good fortune. Divine grace permeates the air; allow it to encompass your body. 

Ask not for whom the bells toll—the bells toll for thee.


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