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Interview with Candice Sanderson

Click READ MORE to launch the video On August 29, 2021, Candice Sanderson was the guest speaker for Monroe Institute's Outreach Leadership Meeting. Watch as she describes her remarkable experience at Monroe Institute.

The Reluctant Messenger Unleashed Episode 19: Ch 8, Crystalline Grid

Click READ MORE to launch the video. This is a virtual book club on my best-seller, The Reluctant Messenger. Watch as host  Donna Rebadow  and I unleash the stories behind my spontaneous opening to the world of the nonphysical.  This episode covers the remarkable stories behind Chapter 8, The Crystalline Grid, a structure installed around our Earth. Watch and learn how and why it was installed around our planet. This is a fascinating chapter, filled with surprising confirmations. 

An Unexpected Teacher

Click READ MORE to launch the video Taking an early morning walk can lift your spirits, and bring you closer to nature. A few days ago, I donned on my tennis shoes and took off for a walk at the Gordon River Greenway. How could I have predicted what happened next: I came face to face with a new Teacher--one that I would have never anticipated.

IANDS (International Association of Near-Death Studies) Talk Check out my talk to the International Association of Near-Death Studies. I spoke with the Durham, NC group in November 2020.