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Great Turtle

Video: Great Turtle Click READ MORE to launch the video. Church of Spiritual Light Great Turtle Before the meditation began, I felt a steady rhythmic beat throughout my body. I knew this represented the heart of Mother Earth. I heard the following: June 3, 2019 Let your heart entrain with hers. Step by step, tap into the vibrational nature of the universe. Be at one with this. Sway back and forth as you become entangled with nature, with oneness. As those words entered my mind, I had a very visceral experience. I saw a hummingbird in front of me, its rapid vibrations traveled through my body, matching the swift movement of its wings. A single horse galloped across an open plain, and I felt the pounding vibrations of the hooves as they struck the land. I experienced the flowing, slow-motion vibrations of an eagle as it soared on currents of wind in the sky. I saw and felt the vibrations of a salmon as she fought her way upspring to spawn. Everything has a pulse, a rhythm.  A woodpeck

Holistic Chamber of Commerce

Video: Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Naples Chapter Click READ MORE to launch the video.

Out with the Old; In with the New

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The Eye of the Camera

Video: The Eye of the Camera Click READ MORE to launch the video. The Eye of the Camera Goddess I Am: 12-14-2018 A camera lens captures energy, but it never gives us the full picture. This is what I learned at my meditation at Goddess I Am in December 2018.  A few moments before the meditation began, the messages started to flow: December 14, 2018 Open your eyes to the truth that lies within, for you are all one, yet individuated aspects of the whole. As your eyes open, you learn to perceive through the lens that is most appropriate for you. It is a snapshot in time and is targeted to you and what you need or are able to receive. As you connect to spirit, this allowing and flowing clears the path for more to arrive. Use your breath to cleanse and clear your vision. As you learn to open the aperture of the soul, you connect with divine source.  Live in that breath. Allow and accept all that is good to enter your holy vessel. Things will begin to change. Allow and look for the wisdom

Wheels of Energy

Video: Wheels of Energy Click READ MORE to launch the video. May 3, 2019 Wheels of Energy: Goddess I Am While driving to Goddess I Am in Naples, Florida, for their weekly meditation, the following message arrived: May 3, 2019 Vision. Vision is not what the physical eyes see, for the physical eyes do not see. Everything is energy including this exchange upon the optic nerve.  Vision can be enhanced, for it is the energy collection of all the physical processes that result in this interpretation. Humans can absorb more than the requisite energies required for this transformation.  The expansion of awareness is the expansion of energy. It is the letting go. It is the flow. By letting go of preconceived notions, the human can begin to integrate other incoming energies into any of the five physical senses, thus redefining them.  At this point, the messengers had me revisit a time when I had heard my husband’s heart beating while I was lying in bed next to him. My head was not on his ches

The Lighted Path

Click READ MORE to launch the video. The Lighted Path Goddess I Am: 12-21-18 As I sat in my car outside Goddess I Am, waiting the doors to open for the morning meditation, messages began to flood into my awareness.  A birth, a rebirth, a renewal. The moon is at her fullest, like a mother ready to birth her child.  As these words entered my mind, I realized they represented my birthday, the winter solstice, and the full moon, and all were happening today. We look upon those in the Earth plane with love and compassion. We seek those whose hearts have opened. Those hearts, like a full moon, that are ready to spill forth the words of love and compassion.  The Angel of Peace and her minions surround you, softening the edges of worry, breaking those bonds that surround you and blind you to the truth that we are all one.  Today is a day of unity, a day of fullness and birth. Be ye rebirthed and awaken to the power that lies within.  Know that we are like that guiding light that brought for