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May 3, 2019
Wheels of Energy: Goddess I Am

While driving to Goddess I Am in Naples, Florida, for their weekly meditation, the following message arrived:

May 3, 2019
Vision. Vision is not what the physical eyes see, for the physical eyes do not see. Everything is energy including this exchange upon the optic nerve. 
Vision can be enhanced, for it is the energy collection of all the physical processes that result in this interpretation. Humans can absorb more than the requisite energies required for this transformation. 
The expansion of awareness is the expansion of energy. It is the letting go. It is the flow. By letting go of preconceived notions, the human can begin to integrate other incoming energies into any of the five physical senses, thus redefining them. 

At this point, the messengers had me revisit a time when I had heard my husband’s heart beating while I was lying in bed next to him. My head was not on his chest. I was on my side of the bed, and he was on his side, yet I clearly heard every beat of his heart. 
I had always wondered about that experience. My hearing has always been adequate—never good, but why had I heard his heart beating from so far away? I now understand this was an example of how physical senses can expand beyond their normal capacity. 

It is not just the expansion of hearing or seeing, but all the senses. This is what humans refer to as the clairs: clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, etc. 
Psychism is the soul or spirit’s natural way of communicating and exploring the surrounding. The density of the human body is required in order to be a vibratory match to the density of Earth plane existence. But this is changing as Gaia transforms into the jewel that she once was. Her inhabitants accompany her on this voyage. The veil is lifting. Be open. Be aware. Trust.
That is all for now. 

I arrived at the meditation a few minutes later. As soon as I took my seat, the message continued. I understood from the messengers that the meditation would be about using our energy differently, beyond the expectations of the five physical senses. The physical manifestation of energy is possible, and it is a skill we will learn.
As the mediation began, I felt vibrations on the soles of my bare feet. The energy flowed up through my ankles, legs, hips, and through torso. As it reached the middle of my chest, white light shot out to the center of the room. 
The observer-me rose to the ceiling, and I saw the same thing happening to each participant. I sketched what I saw. My primitive drawing looked like a bicycle wheel or a wagon wheel. 
As our energy met in the center of the room, the individual rays of light expanded until the shape became a disk of light. The disk continued to spin throughout the rest of the meditation. I understood that it was blending our energies together.
As I listened to Beth as she guided us, I wasn’t surprised when she asked us to white light from the center of our hearts to connect in the center of the room. She then asked us to blend our energies together. This was precisely what I had seen a few minutes before.
Experiencing things before they happen used to amaze me, but now they are commonplace. Don’t get me wrong: I am still in awe when this happens, but I’m no longer surprised by it. As we learn to meditate and expand our physical senses beyond their limitations, we realize that this is simply a matter of physics, combined with nonphysical things such as intention and trust.
Everything has energy, and we can use the energy of our intuitive skills to stretch the limits that once bound us. We can soar with the angels. We can fly among the stars. Why not?   


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