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Achieving Peace, Day by Day

Click on READ MORE to launch the video. In response to an email, Candice shares words of wisdom from the messengers. Why is Peace so elusive? Watch to learn more.

Life Lesson at Chico's: an unexpected spiritual lesson while shopping.

Click READ MORE to unlock the video This is a very different episode for me, one I never dreamed I would be producing. It started earlier this week at Chico's​. I never anticipated the life lesson that I would learn. I am forever indebted to Chico's and its wonderful staff. 

Light the Way Meditation: Seeing Energy

Click READ MORE to launch the video. Several years ago, I attended a meditation led by Rev. Michelle Love from Light the Way Spiritual Center, I witnessed how healing takes place. Having an out-of-body experience offers a new perspective on spiritual healing.

Your Multi-Dimensional Self: Spiritual Awakening

Click READ MORE to launch the video. We exist. We’re not just inhabiting a human body, but parts of us exist outside of the world of physicality. Those aspects of us that function beyond the 3D can lead us to a path of wisdom that supersedes the realms of physicality. This is where we step into the multi-dimensional being that we are.