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The Magic of Liminal Spaces

Click READ MORE to launch the video. Just who is that voice in your head that only you can hear? Is it a friend or a foe? It's your observer, your witness. Did you know that you can use your observer to help you explore your world—not just the physical world, but those mystical and often magical dimensions of the 5D?

Second Chances

Click READ MORE to launch the video. I have been active in the Expand App's community feature, checking it multiple times a day and responding to questions when I can. A few days ago, someone named Dominik Z. reported a profound experience when listening to Anja’s meditation called “Meeting More of Yourself.”   Not only that, but he also received verifiable information from another out-of-body traveler—me. Dominik Z. saw illustrations that were an exact match of what I received years ago…simply amazing.   Thank you for the beautiful meditation, Anja.  Dominik certainly “met more of himself” and had the designs to prove it!

Spinning in Balance

Click READ MORE to launch the video. Have you ever dropped a coin and watched it spin? The boundaries blur, transforming the coin into a sphere with no discernable edges. It looks like it spins out of control, but if you look deep within, you’ll notice something: stillness, and balance.   Life lessons surround us, nudging us to live our lives with purpose. If your life is spinning out of control, pause. Take a deep, grounding breath. Look for the life lesson.

The Gift

Click READ MORE to launch the video. What would you do if a surprise gift arrived from an unknown source, a gift filled with unspeakable wisdom?    Who is it from? Is it from the future? How can you use it? What would you do with the information?

Living Waters: A Story to Remember

Click READ MORE to launch the video. Have you ever played Pass the Story? It’s an interactive group story-telling game where one person begins a story and then passes it to others to complete it. It’s a great activity.    That’s how this episode begins—as an interactive activity. As I participated, I found myself in familiar surroundings that quickly morphed into a significant out-of-body experience.