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Northern Virginia's Meditation Chapter

Click Read More to launch the video. Candice Sanderson, a long-time fan of Monroe Institute, was the guest speaker for Northern Virginia's Meditation Chapter on September 27, 2021. She shared several experiences from programs at Monroe. The Northern Virginia's Meditation Chapter, located in McLean, Virginia, is part of Monroe Institute's Local Chapter Network. It is led by Parvin Soltani. Currently, the group meets weekly over Zoom. You can find out more about Monroe Institute's programs and other local chapter meetings on Monroe's website at

The Reluctant Messenger Unleashed Episode 20: Ascended Masters

Click READ MORE to launch the video. Check out chapter 9, Ascended Masters, from The Reluctant Messenger. Learn what distinguishes us from these divine masters of the universe. Discover what lightworkers are and how they manipulate energy frequencies to align their clients with health and vitality. Use the tools from previous chapters to help explore the fascinating world of ascended masters.