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Let Your Curiosity Soar

Click READ MORE to launch the video. Curiosity is innate. It’s always idling, just waiting for us to reengage its magic. And when we do, mystical doors open, allowing us to transcend and explore a new world.   Want to take the plunge? You can do so by using two words. Stay tuned to learn more.

Avalanche of What Ifs

Click READ MORE to launch the video. As creative souls, what-if questions open doors to discoveries. These questions build momentum like snow down a mountainside, and when they reach a tipping point, they create an avalanche that changes our past landscape.   This same curiosity leads us to ask about life beyond the physical. When we experience an out-of-body state, those what-if questions bubble, driving us deeper into these often mystical realms.   Following this ever-evolving path of curiosity, we look back and don’t recognize our past. Our new landscape, filled with wonder and awe, awaits more exploration. Will we take the plunge?

Scratching for Answers

Click READ MORE to launch the video. Answers to life’s age-old questions can be found in the most unusual places. Check out the 11-minute video below to see how fleas in a jar provide wisdom. 

Moving on...with Purpose, with Guidance, with Signs

Click READ MORE to launch the video. It’s a new year and time to move on. What does that mean for you? Will life be the same this year, or are you ready to make a change?   Welcome to my first episode of the new year. This is an ideal time to look at your life and take your pulse. Do you like the way things are? If not, how can you make a change so you can move on to greener pastures?

Quacks Like a Duck

Click READ MORE to launch the video. Just because it quacks like a duck, it doesn't mean it is only a duck...or does it? Maybe it's a Portkey or spirit animal to guide you in difficult times.    Learning to see common objects differently can enrich your life.