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Spirit Within: July 2019

Video: Spirit Within Click READ MORE to launch the video. July 19, 2019 Spirit Within: Goddess I Am While sitting in silence before the meditation began, these words flowed into my mind: July 19, 2019 Photo by Bruce Getty from Pexels Like the wind, silent, operating in the recesses of your world, so am I: your spirit, your God, your angel, your true essence. I am always with you. Quiet your mind and you will hear the music of all that is—the vibration of creation—for it lives within you. Our souls are connected. We are part of the Creator and in His/Her likeness we, too, were created. With this infinite power residing within, we can learn to manifest and create our lives. Be at one with spirit. Know that I am with you, guiding you every step. Learn to hear with your heart. Learn to see with your heart and My guidance will come forth as the gentle breeze on a summer’s day, as the songbird sings, as ocean waves lap on the shore. Learn to step on the wisdom path by following that gent

Earth Angels

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Eye of the Needle

Video: The Eye of the Needle Click "READ MORE" to launch the video. The Eye of the Needle: Goddess I Am, July 12, 2019 As the meditation began, gentle swirls of energy meandered around the chair of each participant. I had thoughts about the importance of the journey, not the destination. Although you might feel you are off your path, perhaps this is a cue to take a deep breath and appreciate what surrounds you.  I saw a giant lotus blossom float down from above until it had covered the entire room. It was floating back and forth on some sort of cosmic waters, but its large taproot kept it from drifting too far. It was swaying in tune with the infinite universe.  My vision panned back into the Earth’s atmosphere. This new perspective allowed me to see the greater picture. There were thousands of these lotus blossoms, floating in many cities and countries across the globe. I understood that we were part of a spiritual network, connected beneath the surface of awareness.  At