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The Eye of the Needle: Goddess I Am, July 12, 2019

As the meditation began, gentle swirls of energy meandered around the chair of each participant. I had thoughts about the importance of the journey, not the destination. Although you might feel you are off your path, perhaps this is a cue to take a deep breath and appreciate what surrounds you. 
I saw a giant lotus blossom float down from above until it had covered the entire room. It was floating back and forth on some sort of cosmic waters, but its large taproot kept it from drifting too far. It was swaying in tune with the infinite universe. 
My vision panned back into the Earth’s atmosphere. This new perspective allowed me to see the greater picture. There were thousands of these lotus blossoms, floating in many cities and countries across the globe. I understood that we were part of a spiritual network, connected beneath the surface of awareness. 
At this time during the meditation, Beth guided us to see a being in front of us. I looked and saw a figure, floating in a mist. I got the impression that this was a male, and he was a gatekeeper of some sort. 
With that realization, I had a knowing that he was the one responsible for rolling back the boulder of Jesus’ tomb after the crucifixion. So, yes, he was a gatekeeper, allowing the nonphysical dimension to bleed into the three-dimensional world through Christ consciousness. 
The being began to morph, turning into what looked like the Eye of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings. I was guided to turn my back to this figure. When I did, I folded at my waist and slipped to the other side of the eye like thread through a needle. 
After threading through this pinpoint of light, my essence stopped. I was suspended in the darkness of deep space. My 360-degree vision allowed me to see stars and galaxies both far and near. There was peace and tranquility in this space, a sort of magical expectation. I understood that this represented pure potential, and that I could tap into this space at will.

July 12, 2019
This is the true gift of the Magi. Christ Consciousness was released to the Earth plane when the sepulchre was opened, that gateway opened for all. Did He not say that whoever believes in Him will do greater things than He? 

The words of the messenger gave me a new understanding. Everyone has the ability to tap into pure potentiality. We are the creators of our lives. We can orchestrate what happens. The coming of Jesus was not an event just for one religion, it was the awakening of consciousness upon our planet. 
This consciousness is a living entity, and each of us are part of it, just as cells are part of the human body. We can learn to step outside of our limited perspectives and embrace our lives fuller than we ever have. 
We’ve been shown the way. We only need to quiet our minds and allow the higher vibrations of love and compassion lead us to our salvation and deliver us from the often-self-imposed limitations. 


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