Great Turtle

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Great Turtle

Before the meditation began, I felt a steady rhythmic beat throughout my body. I knew this represented the heart of Mother Earth. I heard the following:

June 3, 2019
Let your heart entrain with hers. Step by step, tap into the vibrational nature of the universe. Be at one with this. Sway back and forth as you become entangled with nature, with oneness.

As those words entered my mind, I had a very visceral experience. I saw a hummingbird in front of me, its rapid vibrations traveled through my body, matching the swift movement of its wings. A single horse galloped across an open plain, and I felt the pounding vibrations of the hooves as they struck the land. I experienced the flowing, slow-motion vibrations of an eagle as it soared on currents of wind in the sky. I saw and felt the vibrations of a salmon as she fought her way upspring to spawn.

Everything has a pulse, a rhythm. 

A woodpecker perched on the trunk of an aged tree. Its pounding beak sent waves of energy to up through the branches of the tree and into the cosmos. Another part of my essence followed the frequencies down the trunk, into the roots, and out through the deep recesses of our Mother Earth.
All of these images gave me a better understanding of the interconnection of nature and all beings of Earth. 
My vision shifted, and I found myself in the middle of a Spirit Canoe. Two Indigenous natives sat in the canoe—one in front and the other in the back. They deftly guided us on what seemed to a narrow river in the Amazon jungle. The damp smells and sounds of monkeys and birds calling in the distance permeated the air, making this journey feel surreal. 
The current became stronger, and it swiftly carried us deeper into the jungle. Without warning, we dropped as if we had plummeted from the top of a large waterfall. Although I expected us to land in a body of water, that’s not what happened. We landed in a river of glowing lava. 
The heat from the lava almost overpowered me as the canoe whipped through the bowels of the Earth. My two copilots worked furiously to keep the canoe from capsizing. As we sped deeper and deeper into the center of the Earth, I heard the following: 
As one sees, all see. As one hears, all hear. As one heals, we all heal. There is a symbiotic relationship among humans, plants, animal, and minerals with Mother Earth.

Their message helped me understand the purpose of this molten lava river voyage through Earth: healing. The heat released negative energy and cleared my nonphysical body to receive healing. 
My body began to shift, and I felt my physical form change. While in the deep bowels of our dear planet, my body morphed into a giant turtle. I did not know the meaning of this, but I trusted there was a message.


After the mediation, I searched online to discover the shamanic meaning of the turtle. I was amazed at what I read.[1]reports the turtle is the “oldest symbol for Mother Earth, reminding us that we need to honour the earth.” Some tribes think that Earth rests on the back of the Great Turtle.
The website said, “We must create a better home not only for ourselves but ALL beings residing on earth, whether they be animals, plants, rocks, woods or stones.”
One statement, “Turtle travels close to the earth, intimately connected with the currents of Mother Nature’s energy,” seemed to resonate with me. Before my voyage to the center of the Earth, I had connected with the energy vibrations of the woodpecker, hummingbird, eagle, salmon, and horse. This all made sense to me: The Turtle represented Mother Earth and her connection with all her creatures through the energy vibrations I had felt.  
The turtle moves slowly, a valuable lesson. We need to take time to appreciate all of Earth’s creations. The turtle carries his house on his back, so he can turn inward at will. Although his shell is for protection, the act of going inward is an important reminder for all of us, for that is where true wisdom lies. 



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