The Lighted Path

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The Lighted Path
Goddess I Am: 12-21-18

As I sat in my car outside Goddess I Am, waiting the doors to open for the morning meditation, messages began to flood into my awareness. 

A birth, a rebirth, a renewal. The moon is at her fullest, like a mother ready to birth her child. 

As these words entered my mind, I realized they represented my birthday, the winter solstice, and the full moon, and all were happening today.

We look upon those in the Earth plane with love and compassion. We seek those whose hearts have opened. Those hearts, like a full moon, that are ready to spill forth the words of love and compassion. 

The Angel of Peace and her minions surround you, softening the edges of worry, breaking those bonds that surround you and blind you to the truth that we are all one. 

Today is a day of unity, a day of fullness and birth. Be ye rebirthed and awaken to the power that lies within. Know that we are like that guiding light that brought forth the wise men to the birth of the one most holy. 

Let go of your resentments. Let go of those things that bind you and to that which does not serve you. 

Be ye one with spirit. Take a deep breath and allow this breath of life to enter your field of awareness. For this is the time that our energies are called forth to assist. Know that we are there, supporting you, watching over you with love. We are upholding you as you step into your empowerment. 

You are a beacon; you are a light. Be a guiding light to other. Allow your guiding light to also guide your own path as you walk your path of truth. Know that your heart guides you as well as others.

As your light grows, so will your vision. Some only see a few steps ahead on their path of truth, but with increased light comes increased sight. Lift your heart so that you may see. Lift your eyes so that your path will be lighted. Start walking the path of truth, the path of love, the path of light, and all will be well. 


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