In October 2013, I received messages from various star systems. They referenced the sun and how it was going through a transition. They said that they had given our sun a different set of energies to help with the healing process for Mother Earth. Below are some of the messages I received: 
Photo by Linda Becker
We have given these energies directly to our sister star, what you refer to as your sun. Your sun’s rays have changed. There are seven new levels of energy that have not been present in the past. These new rays are needed in Mother Earth’s transition. These rays will jump-start her into a new phase of being. This new phase is one of purity, clarity, hope, and health. As she moves through her transition, she brings the human race along with her.

 The seven subsets within each ray act as a bridge to connect each frequency to the next. At the top of the frequency band, these vibratory energies arc to the next ray. If one were to see this as we can, it is a sight to behold. There is beauty and symmetry especially when the vibrations are perfect matches for its intended subject, our beloved sister—your sun.

As Mother Earth soaks up these rays—yes, just as humankind soaks up sunshine—the spaces and gaps are healed. These gaps are more than blockages; they are depletions of vibrant life force. It is the life-force energy of your sun that radiates life. The radiation is through the act of shining. It is through life-force shining, life-force giving, that the sun is able to provide Mother Earth with the required elements for healing.

These rays have given and will continue to give Mother Earth what she needs for her ultimate healing and transition to the next level. It is our responsibility to oversee all our sister stars. We have come together at other points in time to heal other stars. The Earth has always been important to us as we watch and learn from her humans who appear so blind. They are all one unit, for life is all one, but they do not see this. This amuses us that humans think of themselves as separate from Source as well as being separate from each other.

Each ray has a life or a vibrancy of its own. What humankind thinks of as life is a very limited point of view. Life is where life force is. Life force is everywhere. Most humans would perceive of life in plants and trees, but would not think of life in rocks or boulders. The life force is within all, for all are frequencies, and frequencies are energy. They are all the same.

These rays from your sun are teeming with life. Each of the seven rays will give Mother Earth what she needs where she has been depleted by humankind. These rays will patch her and give her what is lacking. As she reaches a new level of wholeness, her life force will change as she ascends to subtler realms. This is when humankind will begin to see changes in their lives. What was once a rare occurrence will become commonplace. These are the miracles that we referenced.


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