02-08-2018: Vibration, White Water Rapids

I had attended a Crystal Bowl meditation at Church of Spiritual Light on February 5th. There was a guest who was playing the bowls and they were quite different than the usual "singing" from the bowls. The energy was deep, loud, and almost painful to my ears. I jumped every time a bowl was "pinged" and I had to plug my ears because the vibrations were so strong they were painful. After the bowls ended, many participants spoke to how powerful they were and how they enjoyed them. I had begun to receive messages when the meditation began, but after less than a minute, all channels closed and I did not receive any other messages. Perhaps in response to this meditation, the following message came three days later.

It is all a matter of vibration and the stream of vibration to which you are attuned. Does a stronger vibration result in improved connection? Place in your mind the vision of a small leaf that is floating upon a stream of water. As the water gently flows down the hillside to its destination, the leaf gently goes in the direction of the water.

Now imagine that same stream as a rapid, filled with white waters. As the water flows from one point to the next, its vibrations are stronger and it reaches its destination quicker. But does it? The water may rush to its destination quicker, but those riding its waves may find themselves detoured.

The leaf no longer is attuned to the water. It may be crushed against a boulder. It may find itself churned beneath the surface of the water and caught in a whirlpool of underground currents. It may be splashed out of the body of the water and land on rocks or grasses on the banks of this body of moving water.

We say to you, energy connection is similar. For those who have a gentle yet secure connection to a stream of energy, only require gentle guidance. Those with less secure connections may require the frequencies of white water rapids to help break blockages that mask their true connections in the heart to Source.

That is all for now. ~Candie


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