Opening Blessing for Holistic Fair at Church of Spiritual Light: 05-05-2018

Prior to the opening of the monthly Holistic Fair at Church of Spiritual Light, the practitioners gathered together as Reverend Bledsoe led a brief prayer and blessing for the event. As this small group of people held hands, with eyes closed, I felt energy moving from deep inside Mother Earth. It moved from the bottoms of each person's feet and up through our bodies. As this occurred, I received the following message:

This is the energy from our Great Mother, Gaia. She sends this energy from her heart at the center of the Earth. This is the energy of creation, the energy of the formless as it takes shape. It is the energy of intention as it brings forth to manifest in the world of the physical.

The energy felt very strong and secure as if we were swaddled in a blanket of protection. In my mind’s eye, our bodies began to change. Each person’s body morphed from our familiar physical form to a nonphysical form: we were becoming poles or beams—yet we still existed. How could that be? As that question entered my awareness, the answer came:

For you, my children, are timeless and formless. I have given you life, and this life is never ending, regardless of the form it takes.

As I heard these words, I had a vision of a caterpillar changing to a chrysalis and then becoming a butterfly. Is this what was happening to us?

Our bodies continued to contract and lengthen, and we became the shape of rods or beams. I realized we were becoming a structure like a birdcage or a gazebo. And although in the three-dimensional reality, we were inside a building, I saw small green sprouts pierce rich deep soil beneath our feet.  

Like time-lapsed photography, these shoots became tendrils that began to wrap around the forms that had been our physical bodies just moments before. As the vines twisted around this new structure, from the bottom up, buds began to form and then bloom. Within a few seconds, the green vines were covered with many different kinds and colors of flowers. Each bloom produced their own specific scent, and soon these fragrances permeated the room.  

Once all the sides of this structure were covered with blooming flowers and lush green foliage, the tops of the rods began to grow, forming a steeple roof. The flowered vines continued to grow until they covered the roof. At the top of the roof was a small opening. I saw wisps of energy sweep up through this gap, and I realized it was a path to freedom, a path gifted us from the greatest Mother of all: Gaia.

Be ye as the lilies of the field. Neither do they toil or spin.

I was brought back to the initial feeling of being a swaddled in a protective blanket of energy from Mother Earth. We are energy. We are life. Our true nature is formless. Why do we often worry over the little things we experience within the human body? Let us set ourselves free! 


  1. Candie: every time I read your blog I am inspired, the beautiful account of your spiritual experiences must be from a Higher Dimension! It is so helpful to read your blog entries. Your connection with your muses is a wonderful gift! I want your book !

    1. Thanks, Gayle. I'm looking forward to the book's launch on July 4th.

  2. This is amazing, Candie. As always you are so in tune with what is going on both etherically and now that certain things are beginning to outpicture... soon it will be visible to everyone. Thank you so much for always sharing what you see and for your beautiful eye. Much love to you. We need more eyes on that can behold the beauty way.

    1. Thank you, Renee, not only for your kind words, but for the sacred space you hold for all of us!

  3. Wow, I have goose bumps up and down both arms. Your messages are so wonderful Candie, thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Thanks! Getting goose bumps or chills alway indicate to me that there’s something I need to pay attention to, or it’s a validation of the path I’m taking. 💜


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