Unexpected Guest at Morning Meditation: 06-08-18

I was so looking forward to Friday’s Morning Meditation at Goddess I Am in Naples, FL. This was my first week of retirement, so I’ll be able to attend regularly. Just before the meditation started, I envisioned small diamonds or stars gently falling from above. Within a few seconds, I saw streams of energy behind them, reminding me of miniature comets or falling stars. I realized this was because I had “softened” my energy, and that had allowed me a deeper look into the energy of the room.

The tails from these small diamonds/stars were soft fibers of energy. If I could touch them, I think they would have felt like strands of cashmere. These tiny celestial objects were blending and moving with the energy vibrations and intentions set forth in the room. As I stepped aside to watch this dance of the divine, I felt myself moving deeper into the energy of the room.

I saw the hearts of the participants connect as a band of light began swirling in a clockwise position. The energy moved faster and faster, creating a flash of brilliant gold. It became a dazzling, beautiful band of light.

I then saw a stream of energy coming from each person’s heart, meeting in the center of the room. These beams of light coalesced into a single strand of light that went skyward, connecting us to the Divine. Within a few seconds, a second stream of light came from the center of the vortex and shot downward, connecting us directly to the heart of Mother Earth. We are now in perfect unity: as above, so below.

A messenger told me to breathe in this sacred space and allow it to fill each of our cells with this loving energy.

My peaceful meditation was then interrupted by a person who had just passed the night before. Just a couple of hours before the meditation, I had heard from a friend who told me of her husband’s sudden passing the previous evening, and here he was. It was as if he parted a dome of clouds that covered the meditation room and peeked in. I recognized him and I left myself sitting in meditation as another aspect of me accompanied him. He began to show me the details of his passing, but I told him there was no need to do that. He knew he had passed, so I told him it was time for him to move on. I called forth my angels and guides as well as his angels and guides. We tried to guide him to the other side, but he was not willing to accompany us. He was very persistent and stubborn about staying in the Earth plane.

In the meanwhile, the “meditation me” was fully involved in the ongoing meditation exercise. I found myself with a crown placed on my head by a divine being of light. It looked like it was made from the comet-looking diamonds that had fallen from the sky as the meditation had begun, but it was gold instead of the glistening silver stars I had seen.

As the spirit of the deceased gentleman accompanied me back into the meditation, I watched in amazement as the crown grew in size then dropped down over my body, landing at my feet. I was totally encapsulated in this crown. It had become a safe haven for me, protecting me from the energies of this man. As soon as the crown covered my physical body, I was surrounded by various archangels. They stood on the outside of the crown, facing away from me, guarding me from any unwanted company.

One of the angels came forth and told me they were the ones who had protected me in the past. Their energies provided an impenetrable force field, keeping me safe and secure. Although there was not malcontent from the man who was reaching out to me, he did not need to attach himself to anything Earth-bound, for that would only delay his journey into the Light.

I breathed a sigh of relief and gratitude, that the angels were there to protect me. I found myself back in the meditation room, as Beth called the us to gradually return to room by opening our eyes and grounding ourselves.

This was a very different meditation. I have done “retrievals” many times before, but I certainly did not expect this recently departed soul to reach out to me just hours after his passing. His wife is very spiritually astute. She is a good friend and fully aware of the full range of my spiritual experiences, so I called her later that afternoon to share this encounter with her. After hearing my story, she said she would try to convey to him that she will be okay without him. She does not want him Earth-bound, trying to stay around to help her. I will try another retrieval in the future. Hopefully, he will be more amenable to moving on.


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