Morning Walk Message: 06-16-18

I was on my morning walk when I heard people riding bicycles behind me. As they passed, I overheard their conversation. The man said, “I just got the new ones in.” The woman replied, “Just because they’re new, doesn’t mean they work.” This crumb of conversation became a prompt for the messengers, and I received the following download:

It is all about energy vibration and vibrational match. In order for the optimum alignment to occur, the frequency, the vibrational patterns must match. When there is a mismatch, there becomes dis-ease, i.e., a lack of flow which may cause less than the desired development.

As the energy body in one system aligns with the energy body of another system, the most favorable results occur because the vibrational rhythms match. It becomes a dance of the divine, for our divinity comes from the energy of the Creator. Like attracts like. Yet a strong vibration can also operate as a magnet, attracting an opposing frequency in order to bring the smaller system in alignment.

This is how the law of attraction works. When the human sets forth an intention or prayer, vibrations radiate. It is like a calling card. An unrelenting prayer or intention brings the surrounding, disjointed vibrations into its energy field, setting up an entrainment. The once-disorganized vibrations become part of the energy field of the intention, strengthening it, empowering it. Their frequencies are in alignment—a requirement for manifestation to occur.

The surrounding smaller, unorganized energy fields may have the opposite effect if the intention or prayer wavers. The human must be steadfast in his or her intention. This keeps the frequency field strong, much like beacon or a lighthouse that illumes the path of the unknown, leading the way for safe passage. It is dependent upon the dedication and the determination of the human that set the intention or called forth the prayer. If the intention is not strong, the opposite effect may occur, and the frequencies of the intention may entrain to the neighboring disjointed frequencies, causing the human to question his or her intention. When the energy of doubt is entered into this formula, it knocks the original intention or prayer off course.

So know when you set forth an intention or prayer, do so with deliberation, resilience, determination, and be unwavering in your desire.  


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