Waiting Room Message: 06-13-18

While in the waiting room of my dermatologist’s office for a procedure, I received the following message:

It is all in divine order.

Ask and it is given.

Go with the flow.

Accept perfection in your body, your spirit, your soul, your family, your work, your play, all your circumstances.

The true you is immortal. You only inhabit this body temporarily. Look for the bigger picture. Accept the broader view. Although your physical eyes do not have the ability to perceive beyond their limited capabilities, know there is a larger plan—a blueprint that encompasses so much more than what surrounds you in this physical life time.

Trust in the greater plan, the divine order.

Look for the good.

Search for freedom—freedom from negativity, freedom from worry, freedom from pain. Search for experiences that make your heart sing. These can be found in the cool deep breath you take each morning upon rising, the warmth of the sun upon your back, the breeze as it cools your face.

Look for the small things that bring your senses to life. For this is where true happiness lives—in the day-to-day, hour-by-hour living.

Give gratitude for your time upon this Earth. 


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