The Reluctant Messenger, Ch. 1: The Muses Within: August 4, 2015

The energy of allowing is in direct opposition to trying. The energy of allowing begins within. Your individual spark of divinity allows the inspiration (in-spiration) to come to you. It is an open invitation, creating a beacon effect for us to send our energies to this one. Many human philosophers have said, “as above, so below.” It is not “as below, so above.”

This is something known by artists on the Earth plane. Symphonies, tomes of prose, and masterpieces of visual art have been received by the artists opening and allowing these energies of inspiration to work their magic through their Earthly hands. Yes, we say it is the energy of allowing, not the energy of trying, that gives results.

As I posted this excerpt in FaceBook and Twitter, I felt the energy of inspiration begin to swirl around me. Everything is composed of energy, and we can choose which wave to ride. When you have connected with the energy of creativity and love, you can return to that energy signature and start where you left off.

Look around you. Messages abound. We just need to take heed and open our receivers to connect to the energy of in-spiration. The more we connect, the easier it is to find ourselves back on that path.

Look up. Look around. Seek the energy that is positive and filled with love and your path will become brighter. 


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