The Reluctant Messenger, Chapter 5: Cosmic Contacts
"We can feel and sense energy by using nonphysical senses. With that comes the realization that we are much more than our physical bodies. Expanding our abilities to experience the world beyond what our senses measure will cause a shift in consciousness. We will know we are a part of everything; we are not just isolated human beings. If we could see the energy connections with others, would that not change everything? We would see other points of view. We could replace animosity with understanding. Peace would abound."

In October 2013, I had a series of messages that addressed using "nonsenses" to experience the world around us. I learned so many lessons from this sage messenger. I learned how our physical senses actually limit our connections to our world. Before that, I always thought we experienced life because of our senses. Now I have a newer understanding. 

By expanding our awareness beyond what our physical senses measure, the messenger called this using our "nonsenses." This allows us to step beyond our physical constraints. We then can learn to blend our senses. Have you ever tasted a color or smelled an emotion? When you learn to do this, you find that a whole new universe invites you to come and explore.

Try it sometime!


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