Goddess I Am

Goddess I Am
February 14, 2020

I arrived twenty minutes early for Friday morning’s meditation. I sat in the empty room, turned my phone to airplane mode, and pulled out my journal. Within seconds, gentle waves of pink and green entered from the ceiling and twirled about the room like a slow-motion whirlwind. I smiled: the angels had arrived.
Since my spontaneous opening to spirit in August 2013, I’ve come to identify pastel pink and green energies as the telltale sign of angels. I thought it so appropriate for them to arrive this morning since today is Valentine’s Day, the universal day of love. 
A message arrived, and  no one else was in the room at this time, it addressed those who would attend:
February 14, 2020
Feel your hearts open as we flood the room with divinity. Soak in these higher vibrational frequencies.  Open your hearts for the veil lifts during this divine day. Be aware of your surroundings as loved ones who have slipped beyond the physical plane come forth to accompany you on this day of love.
For it is love that connects us. It is love that joins us heart to heart. Seek wisdom and love from within, for that is the seat of your soul. 
Let your lights shine forth to become guiding lights for all to see. Breath in deeply, my friends, and allow your breath to raise your vibrations even higher. Go forth and share your love with the universe. Go forth and shine.
 Several minutes had passed, and the room filled with others who were ready to start Valentine’s Day with a meditation. Beth took a buffalo drum and drummed around each meditation participant. As she did so, I saw ash-like particles lift from each person’s energy body. 
Some had large, dark pieces; others had flecks. Some pieces came from the heart while others lifted from their heads or other parts of their body. These particles drifted toward the center of the room and, within seconds, they swept upward through an energy vortex. I understood the energy that drifted would be transmuted to cleaner, lighter energy.
I glanced at each person, and I could see spaces within their energy fields. What had once been dark was now light. These bright spaces welcomed the higher vibrational energies from the angels who were orchestrating these events.
Beth guided us to look at ourselves through a mirror. With my mind’s eyes, I saw my energy field. It was egg-shaped and filled with golden sparks of light. It began to open from the top and peel downward like peeling a banana. 
Once peeled, within this body of energy was a tiny spark. It looked like a small diamond, but I knew it was alive. I intuitively knew it was my divine spark. It took off and joined thousands of other similar sparks. I smiled as I realized they looked like a flock of fireflies escaping captivity.
All the sparks were flying in one direction. I took a breath and asked for clarity. I understood that they were on a path to the Supreme One, the Creator.
I understood this represented each of us. Within each living being is a divine spark that has broken off from the Creator. As we relinquish beliefs that no longer serve us, we allow guidance from within. 
In time, all will be revealed. So many go through life with fears of the unknown, especially involving our final transitions. What happens when we die? Do we vanish? With those questions came the answer in the form of a vision.
I saw an eyedropper filled with black ink hovering above a large bowl of water. A single drop of ink fell from the dropper, landing into the stillness of the calm water. It didn’t disappear, nor did it vanish. It expanded. 
When it is time for our transition from this three-dimensional life, we will drop our physical form and become expansive as our authentic essence releases into the waters of creation. And, we won’t be alone, our angels will be there to guide us and support us.  
I’ve been a fan of Monroe Institute outside Charlottesville, Virginia. Bob’s affirmation begins with I am more than my physical body, and how profound that one statement is: I am more than my physical body.
I think of my experiences and what monumental leaps I’ve taken since my spontaneous opening to spirit in August 2013. I went from being a psychologist, someone trained to not accept anything as “real” unless your physical senses could register it. Anything outside of that should be referred to someone like me—a psychologist.
Now, I find myself living in the world of spirit, the unseen world of the nonphysical. I still wonder why me, but the more important thing is that I’ve embraced that there’s more to life than meets the eye. 
I hope these videos and blogs are helpful to others out there. Always remember to follow your heart, for that is the key to divine guidance.


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