January 26, 2018: Church of Spiritual Light, Realms of Light

   As I sit down and listen to the music playing in the background, I am drawn to the expansiveness of the room. It appears much larger than it is. It is as if the ceiling does not stop until it reaches the cosmos. There is an interdimensional feel—open, large, expansive.

   The room feels like a breath of fresh air. Love circulates the room as ascended masters come to let their presence known to those whose hearts they touch. They are always here but they come more easily with such open invitations as is found in this place (Church of Spiritual Light).

   The room is clear, crystal clear like a diamond. I see a blue diamond encrusted doorway, it is a portal that leads from the higher dimensions to where we sit. This portal collects the images from beyond and guides them into this most sacred space. As the energy flows, it becomes more rapid, yet natural like water swirling down a drain. It whirls like a vortex and invites more energy to accompany it.

   This vortex, like liquid, splashes into the room through the opening at the top of the room. Like water that is poured on the outside of a vessel like a sphere, the energy pours on the outside walls of this room. We find ourselves encompassed in a waterfall of emotion—positive emotion, love, wisdom—and it fills us with strength and protection. The energy settles around the room, all in preparation to support all of those sitting during this meditation.

   There are candles and crystals on the altars, and this energy represents the element of water. All of the elements have come together: water, air, earth, and fire. This is alchemy at its very best.

   As each person accepts these energies into their physical existence, we become part of all there is. Perhaps just for this moment, we can taste unity.

   Emotions tug at my heart as I feel this connection deep within my soul. Tears fill my eyes. I feel my physical body as it dissolves into the no-thingness and fullness of all there is.

   A few moments later, I see a picture of a black hole, the singularity—it is the birth of a new star. 

   The blue diamond encrusted doorway from beyond now grows and the diamonds line the entire tunnel leading from the higher dimensions to this room. The energies continue to flow—more and more, faster and faster. The energy begins to fill the room like water in a container. The energy encompasses each person’s body, infiltrating their total bodies with this divine energy. The energy flows to each and every cell in our bodies. This is a taste of the divine, the oneness of all.

   A vortex opens over the top of my head, and I receive an individual wash of energy that is meant specifically for me. I can only assume that everyone else receives the energy specific for him or her. The energy pours over my body, then returns back up through my spine, forming a bubble or orb. I am now encapsulated in this orb of energy. I see myself sitting in lotus position within this orb as it gently lifts off from where I am seated. Ever so gently, this orb moves upward, and I float into the divine ethers that have entered this room.

   Like a molecule of water that leaves the spout of a boiling teapot, I drift beyond the confines of the room, and I enter what I know as the Realms of Light. I visited this place a few years ago in another meditation. I am told that this is the path the enlightenment.

   As I reach the Realms of Light, I feel elated. Home! I have returned Home. My previous visit had opened the doors for me to return.

  Like Genies in bottles, we can float out of our self-imposed limits and join the divine. We can live expansively in the sacred, divine love of all that is.

   I feel the sides of the room begin to stretch and expand. The room stretches horizontally until the sides explode. The energy from the divine, infused with the individual energies signatures of those at the mediation, spills forth like water bursting through a broken dam. We have been released. We have become the messengers. It is our words. It is our hearts. It is our connections to the divine that can become the guiding lights for others to follow.

   We will lead by example. We will travel our different paths, touching a multitude of hearts and souls at levels we cannot comprehend. We are the beacons of light, guiding others like a lighthouse that safely guides ships to safe harbor.

  We have been infused with all the elements from the divine. We are in perfect balance, and we are ready to lead.


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