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Church of Spiritual Light
Luna Moth
August 5, 2019

My early arrival at the Reiki-Crystal Bowls meditation allowed me a chance to decompress. As I rested on the comfortable cot, images flowed in my mind’s eye. I saw a small pond with bubbles that popped the green algae surface. I knew below the water were things teeming with life. Frog eggs, tadpoles, larvae from various insects lived in the pool of rich velvety water, just waiting to manifest into the world. 
August 5, 2019
Think of this pool as a dimensional barrier, connecting the nonphysical with the physical. All is ripe. All is now. Do not look upon this as stagnant waters, for beneath the surface is the energy of survival, the energy of birth, the energy of potential.

Riding on a new set of bubbles rising to the surface, a tiny mermaid breached the water’s surface, riding on the back of a dragonfly. I smiled with delight. I’ve had many visions, but this was the first time a mermaid had made an appearance. 

Feel the soft wind as it guides seedlings to this fertile body of water. They, too, are waiting for change, to burst forth into a new life.
Embrace the circle of life that is contained within this sacred pool. Some may see it as stagnant, but that is not so. This, too, is like the Earth experience: where some see decay, others see life. Life is potential, waiting to burst forth to dimensions unknown. 
These wasters are a dimensional barrier between life and death, between the physical and the nonphysical. Breathe deeply and float on the sound of the water
With those words, the observer-me saw myself fall back into the water with the slow-motion movements of an astronaut in deep space. I landed in the green waters and slowly sank beneath the surface. As I did not, the algae covered me, encapsulating and protecting my body. Soon, I found myself wrapped in a soothing cocoon of algae and seaweed. The aches and pains of my physical body melted in this divine space. 
I realized I was in the chrysalis. I had stepped into an interdimensional space where true transformation occurs. I struggled and freed myself one centimeter at a time. I emerged from the chrysalis as a large Luna moth. I spread my gigantic lime-green wings, freeing them from the last vestiges of the chrysalis. I was magnificent, glorious.
I could hear the chimes from the crystal bowls as I rested in my transformed state. I felt pressure on the center of my forehead at the third-eye chakra. After five or ten minutes, in my mind’s eye, I saw a pink flame emerge from this stirring energy. 
I understood that this was an eternal flame, and it was instrumental in my own personal healing. I could call upon this flame to help transmute negative energy. I felt energy vibrations flowing up and down my body.
After a minute or two, another vibrational change occurred. The chrysalis that had initially surrounded me began to morph into an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus. I was now complete inside this protective gilded personal tomb. The pink flame at the head of the molded tomb still blazed. 
I don’t know the meaning of the pink flame, but my intuition tells me it is an eternal flame—one that will never end. Perhaps it’s symbolic of the divine spark that burns within our souls. The fact that it came from my third eye chakra suggests it related to clairvoyance. 
The sarcophagus that surrounded my body brought me a feeling of protection. I understood that it shielded me from lower-vibrational energies. 
I also know that much of this energy stems from the angel realms. Pink and green are usually the colors I see when communicating with angels. The greens of the pond, the chrysalis, the transformation to Luna moth had combined with the pink flame in my forehead, the pink flame that transmuted lower vibrational energy into higher vibrations. 
Pinks and greens. This was familiar to me. These are the colors I see when connecting to the angel realm. I felt honored to have been graced with their energy. 


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