Throwback Series 4: Laser Focused Energy Healing

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I share a message from October 2013. The messengers describe how to use laser-focused energy during healing sessions. Focusing on the root of the problem is just the beginning. We can work with our clients to help determine the original cause of the dis-ease, the blockage.

Energy healing affects more than just the client, it affects the healer. That's understandable, but it surprised me when the messengers shared the other recipient in the healing process. Stay tuned to hear more.



  1. As always, i enjoyed hearing your message! Your mantra was my bumper sticker for years—kindness matters. Actually, it was a car magnet. I'm wondering if you offer energy healing sessions or can recommend someone? I've been gifted with the awareness/experience of higher vibration at times. I would like to live there more or get back to it. I would love to have help clearing energy blockages. Thank you, Kim


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