March 5, 2018: Crystal Bowl Reiki Meditation, Circle of Life

I had a difficult time trying to get settled into a comfortable position before the meditation began. I had a blanket to cover me, but it kept getting tangled. My pillow didn’t feel right. I realized that a frenetic, chaotic energy engulfed the room like debris flying in a hurricane. On one level, I thought that shouldn’t be—the lights were dimmed and soft background music was playing—but I could not deny it; the energy was palpable.

Like myself, these energies were seeking a niche. In my mind’s eye, I saw a large black cat, a jaguar, begin to circle the room in a clockwise motion. It picked up speed until it became a blur of black smoke. As it continued to loop the room’s perimeter, it swept the chaotic energies into its path, giving them form. From chaos, pattern and symmetry was born.

I heard that this represented the Circle of Life. Life begins from chaos until a pattern is established. Now there is unity. Now there is wholeness. Sacred are these elements of life as they come together for a greater purpose—a purpose of manifestation.

I saw a vision of dried leaves scattered on the ground. A whirlwind came and picked up the leaves, giving them form and purpose. The leaves swirled off the ground in a vortex of invisible energy—the wind. As the wind continued, more and more leaves were pulled into this portal of energy. The result was a pattern, a vortex giving purpose to the seemingly random.

We are like the jaguar. Our intentions add a layer of organization and pattern to the seemingly random chaos.

Be ye like the leaf. Go in the direction you are called and you will find purpose in life. It is the organizing principle of intention of healing.

As Reiki practitioner Linda moved from me to Maria (the next participant), her back was to me. I felt a swoosh as my energy moved to her. It gave her an additional boost which then added healing for Maria. The feeling was so visceral and real that I almost grabbed the sides of the recliner I was in so my body would not fall off.

I realized I was witnessing the same pattern that the jaguar had established: a clockwise whirlwind that passed from one person to the next until it blended into unity. I knew that this same energy.

I looked up and saw Zed, the person on my other side. While lying on his back, his hands were raised and he moved them in rapid clockwise circles. His actions validated my experiences: clockwise energy swirling around the room, magnifying the healing for all participants.

We are all one. It is the power of the healing circle. It is the energy of Mother/Sister Jaguar protecting our medicine space, making us whole.

I gave my thanks for the ability to see such beautiful healing manifestations that took place.~Candie


  1. I recently attended a retreat that included the crystal bowls. The vibrations were so beautiful and intense during the meditation. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

    1. Jen, in my book I reference an article from the Rhys Thomas Institute that describes the research behind the healing qualities of crystal bowls. From the article entitled "Understanding the Bowls" it says [playing the bowls] "is a form of vibrational medicine based on the scientific principles that all matter, and most importantly, the cells in your body, vibrate to a precise frequency when healthy and to a dissonant frequency when in dis-ease." The bowls balance those frequencies and bring the vibrations back into harmony. They are so healing!

  2. Do you think the clockwise has some additional meaning? Why not counter-clockwise? Is this universal?

    1. Good question, CassieLee! I didn't know the answer, so I did an Internet search. On I found a brief, simple explanation. A clockwise motion, as what I experienced, gathers, pulls in, and concentrates energy while counterclockwise pushes and expands the energy.

      If you had not asked the question, I would not have researched this, so--thank you! It would make perfect sense why I "saw" the jaguar move in clockwise circles as she gathered bits and pieces into a whole--"from chaos, pattern and symmetry was born."

      So often my visions and experiences--such as this detail--are validated by a little bit of research. So, thank you for your question that prompted me to search farther.

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    1. This reminded me of what you saw last nigh with the jaguar walking clockwise in the room

      Every object in your home also has its own sound or vibration. Due to misuse, objects can go out of harmony. Neglecting your living space, moving into a new home, or staying in a hotel room, you can often find yourself surrounded by disharmony.

      A turbulent environment will create disturbances in your life. While you may not know the vibration of a chair or table, you can re-harmonize an entire room with a non-specific sound, and each object will absorb the vibrations it needs. This can be done by walking clockwise around the room or object and playing a pure, clear bell or gong or chanting the mantra OM. The sound of a drum can be used to energize a room.


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